Foundation repair in Sarasota

Foundation Repair in Sarasota, Florida

Are you looking for a reliable foundation repair company to repair your foundation? If you live in Florida, finding yourself in need of a prompt foundation repair service is not unheard of. The state has the most extensive sinkhole activity in the entire United States. Foundations also suffer various hits from weather-related issues and factors other than sinkholes. This includes poor construction, aging foundation, water damage, and more.

If you suspect your foundation needs repair or inspection, Helicon helps you through the entire process. We have the expertise to help you take care of all residential foundation repair in Sarasota, Florida, including concrete lift and sinkhole repair. We also cover ground improvement, deep foundations, and other commercial services.

Do I Need Foundation Repair?

There are a few obvious signs that call for emergency foundation repair in Sarasota. Others are subtle and only noticeable by a professional. If a sinkhole or other reason recently damaged your property, it is essential to find a trusted foundation repair company to provide the right solution and repair. Helicon can help you detect issues early, repair damaged foundation, and prevent future damages. Our Sarasota foundation repair experts identify the following signs of potential foundation damage:

  • Cracks and fractures in your stairs, walls, and drywall
  • Fissures and leaks in your slab and foundation
  • Doors, windows, and cabinets becoming harder to open and close
  • Increased creaking and noise in different parts of the structure

Sinkhole Signs

Florida is known as the sinkhole capital. Most of its soil is limestone, which forms cavities when underground water flows through. The ground above then sinks into these cavities, damaging foundations in the process. In addition to all the signs above, the following can suggest sinkhole activity beneath your property:

  • Sloping floor
  • Driveway cracks
  • Water pooling in your backyard
  • Dead spots on the ground
  • Sagging/slanting fence post

How We Repair Foundations and Sinkhole Damages

Damaged foundation poses a significant threat to the property and lives of those in and around the compromised building. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above or fear your foundation is not in perfect form, it is vital to call professionals. Helicon will help you determine whether the issue is from a sinkhole or a failing foundation. Damages resulting from sinkhole activity may require any of these three techniques:

a) Soil Stabilization

This is used to repair sinkholes and can either feature compaction grouting, which involves sealing the gap and limestone rock formation that causes sinkhole. The process forces weak and loose soil into a more compact formation that can support your building. Soil stabilization may also feature chemical grouting, which is the leading solution for repairing surface-level sinkholes.

b) Structural Stabilization

This process involves bringing the structure to its original state following sinkhole activity. At Helicon, we use helical piers to stabilize a structure damaged by sinkhole settlement, and underpinning to raise the foundation by installing steel columns in the bedrock underneath.

Choosing Foundation Repair in Sarasota

Sarasota foundation repair experts

Our team has over 15 years of experience serving Florida and has completed thousands of successful repairs. When you contact Helicon, we will assess and determine the cause of your issue and come up with the best foundation damage repair method for your case.

We work each project independently to provide lasting solutions for your foundation. We have various crucial foundation repair and sinkhole damage repair services and our team will help you determine the one you need. Some of the key services include:

Tie Back System – If your structure’s horizontal integrity does not look stable enough, the Tie Back System is among the stabilization methods you can use. It involves anchors and can be used together with other methods of stabilization.

Concrete leveling– Also known as house leveling, concrete leveling is likely inevitable for most in Sarasota, FL. It involves re-leveling cracked slabs and foundations, including unforeseen cement settlement.

Slab Jacking – This method is used to stabilize sinking foundations and involves drilling small holes through the foundation and filling them with cement mixture or other similar composition. It is sometimes referred to as mud jacking and can help raise the level or a leaning or sinking foundation.

There are several other methods our teams use to repair damaged foundations and sinkholes in Sarasota. Click here for additional information about our services.

Sarasota Foundation Repair Leader

Helicon has comprehensive services dedicated to creating, repairing, and maintaining concrete foundations. Our goal is to help you prevent damages to your foundation, providing pre-construction services that ensure you have a reliable ground for construction. We also help you monitor ongoing underground processes to catch sinking foundations and other issues during the early stages.

Whether you need slabs, concrete repair, pre-construction, or sinkhole repair, we have you covered. Consider Helicon your go-to partner for all foundation repair in Sarasota. We have successfully repaired thousands of foundations and sinkhole damages and are confident yours will be a success.


How Long Will Foundation Repair Take?

Foundation repair generally takes 1-3 days, although you should note that each case is different. Various factors influence how long the service will take. This includes the extent of damage, service chosen, and adjustments required after the service. For instance, you might need to adjust the doors and windows or fix your walls.

Do I Need Steel Piers or Concrete Piers?

Steel piers and compressed concrete piers are both ideal for foundation repair. Steel is considered the best option as it can reach deep into the bedrock with relative ease, compared to concrete. Our team will help you assess your options and identify the best solution based on your needs.

What is Expansive Soil?

Expansive soil sees significant changes in volume, shrinking, and expanding regularly depending on water content. Soils with expansive minerals and compounds can shrink and expand, causing cavities and foundation issues. Essentially, the soil swells when moist and shrinks when it dries up. The change in volume also results in shifting and movement that eventually damages the foundation.

How Do I Tell If My Foundation Is Damaged?

Several signs can indicate issues with your foundation. The common sign includes cracks in your wall, floor, foundation, and slabs. Others include difficulty opening and closing doors and windows, sunken ground, sloping floor, fissures and leaks on your slab. Read our article above to learn more signs of a damaged foundation.

How Much Will It Cost?

Foundation repair in Sarasota costs vary significantly because each case is unique. It all depends on the extent of damage and the service required to restore the property’s structural integrity. Contact us to get an estimate based on your unique requirements.