Poly Foam Chemical Grouting

Soil Stabilization Solution for Shallow Soils


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Overview: Poly-Foam Chemical Grouting is one of the best ways to repair a shallow foundation issue under your home, stabilze and lift a pool deck, stabilize a seawall, and lift a concrete slab. Because severe structural damage can result from shallow foundation issues, immediate and conclusive foundation repair is extremely important. The impermeable formation that results from poly-foam chemical grouting gives long-term stability to the area affected by the shallow foundation problem. 

Function: Poly-Foam Chemical Grouting is the best solution for shallow sinkholes and foundation problems that occur close to the surface where compaction grouting is not an option. Poly-Foam Chemical Grouting is the safest and most accurate method of filling Florida sinkhole voids and densifying loose soils that exist within 15 feet of the surface. Poly-Foam Chemical Grouting uses a low pressure injection technique to fill narrow crevices, pores, and loose soils that could cause sinkhole activity. In addition to repairing foundations affected by shallow sinkhole activity, Poly-Foam Chemical Grouting is also used to repair sensitive areas like pools, decks, driveways, and sidewalks.


Steps to Installation: By injecting expanding polyurethane foam under a settled foundation, Helicon is able to realign weakened foundations by gently raising the foundation upward, stabilizing and densifying loose soils. Upon injection, the polymer immediately expands. Voids are quickly filled, and the chemical expansion gently raises the foundation upward. The degree of lift is a controlled and precise operation.

First, the chemical grout injection point locations are marked and spaced approximately 3 to 5 feet apart. For locations with a concrete slab, a 5/8″ hole is drilled for access.Then, at each injection point location, 5/8″ injection pipes are hammered down to approximately 5-10 feet in depth. The polymer resin solution is injected through the small (5/8″) injection pipes

The composite material quickly cures into a strong, stable, and long-lasting replacement base material. During the chemical grouting process, laser levels monitor the foundation movement. The entire process typically takes between 1 to 2 days to complete.


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