Florida Sinkhole Map

This Florida sinkhole map shows the different types of sinkholes that can form in every part of Florida. Sinkholes in Florida can occur at any time, so please check out the area in which you live on this Florida sinkhole map and identify what type of sinkhole zone you reside in. If you suspect you may have signs of a sinkhole, please contact Helicon for an inspection. Helicon covers the entire State of Florida including: TampaSt. PetersburgClearwaterOrlandoWinter ParkOcalaMiamiBoca RatonJacksonvilleGainsvilleSarasota, Ft.Myers, and Naples, FL areas.

Once you have viewed the map regarding which sinkhole zone you reside in, please check out our sinkhole warning signs page.

According to the State of Florida, here are the top 10 most sinkhole-prone counties in the state of Florida…

Florida Sinkhole Map

Some things to look out for would be holes in the yard, cracks in your foundation, doors not opening properly, windows not closing properly, and the lifting of concrete.

Knowing your zone is the first step. If you suspect that you are in a sinkhole area and you are showing evidence of a sinkhole, please contact Helicon for a no-obligation estimate today. Helicon’s trained professionals can evaluate the situation and give you solutions. Trust the best, trust Helicon.