Pre-Construction Helical Piers for Swimming Pools

A deep foundation helical pier system for swimming pools helps alleviate the possibility of a swimming pool "popping" due to hydrostatic pressure.
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Pre-Construction Pool Foundation System

Building a swimming pool can be an exciting time for homeowners in the State of Florida. The thoughts of relaxing poolside under the Florida sun are what we all think of when we plan on building a pool in the backyard. Typically thoughts of potential poor soil conditions are not part of the process. In the Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Naples areas the soil underneath the new pool site can potentially have weak soils that might not be able to support the weight of an inground pool.

Pre-Construction Helical Pier Process Explained

Helical piers are the preferred choice when preparing the ground underneath a new swimming pool foundation. Helical piers can stabilize structures such as pool foundations that are vulnerable to weak, sandy soils.

Helical piers transfer the weight of the pool foundation from loose, weak soils onto the helical piers embedded into a deep and dense stratum underneath the structure. Helical piers look like a giant screw or "helix". They are hydraulically driven into the soil to exact engineer's specifications.

Benefits of Helical Piers Utilized in Pre-Construction
  • Fast installation and immediate load-bearing capacity
  • Ideal for limited access sites
  • Pre-engineered and easily modified on site
  • Cost savings as opposed to using auger cast piles and drilled shafts
  • Instant torque-to-bearing capacity feedback for better production control
  • Uses smaller equipment and cleaner installation
  • No downtime waiting for concrete to cure
  • Provides a deep foundation for increased bearing capacity
  • Discourages soil disturbance during the installation
How Fast Can Helical Piers be Installed?

Helical piers offer a fast rate of installation as most anchors can be driven approximately two feet per minute. A 50 ft helical piers installation can be completed in under 30 minutes. After the helical piers are installed, they offer instant ability to carry a load. 

Outstanding Cost Savings for a Swimming Pool Foundation

No excavation is required to install helical piers for pre-construction of a swimming pool foundation. Because helicals are hydraulically driven into the ground, there is no cost of concrete, no spillage, no waiting for anything to cure, no down time.

A Versatile, Permanent Solution for Pre-Construction Pool Foundations

The pool foundation plus the thousands of gallons of water in the new pool will weigh a considerable amount. Have peace of mind that your pool has a foundation that is supported by rock solid pre-construction solution that ensures many years of poolside enjoyment for the future. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use helical piers on a waterfront property?

Helical piers are a perfect solution for waterfront properties. Galvanized helical piers are a solid option that will prevent potential corrosion from any saltwater exposure. 

Is it worth it to use pre-construction helical piers before we build a swimming pool?

It is easier and more cost-effective to stabilize the soil beneath the swimming pool foundation before the construction of the pool. After the pool is constructed, different, more expensive solutions would need to be utilized to remedy and repair any weak soils, not to mention having to potentially replace the pool as well.

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