Helical Piers

Transfer the Weight of Your Structure to Deep Soils


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Helical Piers are an excellent choice for pre-construction or stabilizing existing commercial and residential structures that have been either damaged due to settlement or are beginning to experience settling issues. Helical Piers are also used as tiebacks to prevent further movement of retaining walls or sea walls.

The main function of Helical Piers is to support and stabilize foundations and the structure. This is accomplished by transferring the weight of the structure from the loose or weak soils and onto the Helical Piers embedded into a deeper and more dense stratum.

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How Helicon's Helical Pier System Works

For pre-construction projects, the helical piers are driven into each location and the specific depths as determined by the engineer. Top plates are welded or bolted onto the top of each pier which will then be encased into the slab or footer system. For existing structures, the soil around the foundation is excavated to expose the footing at each pier location. Steel helical piers are hydraulically driven into the soil to the depths predetermined by the engineer’s recommendations. Once the piers and brackets have been installed, the settlement of the foundation will be permanently halted.

Helical Pier Applications

helical piers for a home
Home Foundations
helical piers for swimming pools
Swimming Pools
helical piers pre-constrcution
helical piers decks
Decks and Additions