Push Pier Foundation System

Stop Settlement and Lift Foundation


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Push Piers

Helicon’s push pier foundation system is made of steel and driven deep into the soil beneath a foundation to solve settlement problems. Our push pier foundation systems can be installed inside or outside your foundation walls and are not visible once the system is complete. In many scenarios, Helicon's push piers not only stop settlement but lift the foundation back to its original position, closing cracks and improving window and door operation.

Helicon's foundation repair experts are trained installers of push pier foundation systems.  Push piers are pushed into the ground until they reach a layer of solid soil which can support the weight of the structure.  After the solid layer is reached, the piers serve as a point to lift the foundation, bypassing the unsuitable layers of soil.


For an outside installation, the soil around your foundation must be excavated so that the footing is exposed. For an inside installation, a section of your slab floor will need to be removed to expose the footing. The slab will be restored after the installation.

A section of the footing will be prepared for each foundation pier so that the pier is supporting the wall directly, and not simply lifting the section of the footing that extends beyond the walls. This makes for the strongest installation.

Drilled Casing Piers

The drilled casing piers method is applicable to sites where the soil conditions are such that caving or excessive soil or rock deformation can occur when a hole is drilled. This can happen when the boring is made in dry soils or rocks, which are stable when they are cut but will slough soon afterwards. In such a case, the borehole is drilled, and a steel pipe casing is quickly set to prevent sloughing.

Casing is also required if drilling is required in clean sand below the water table underlain by a layer of impermeable stones into which the drilled shaft will penetrate. The casing is removed soon after the concrete is deposited. In some cases, the casing may have to be left in place permanently. It may be noted here that until the casing is inserted, a slurry is used to maintain the stability of the hole. After the casing is seated, the slurry is bailed out and the shaft extended to the required depth.

Advantages of a Push Pier System

  • Can be installed inside or outside the foundation.
  • Push pier foundation systems reach great depths.
  • Installation does not require use of heavy equipment.
  • Can lift foundation back to original position.
  • Repair not visible after installation is complete.

Push Pier System Common Uses

  • Transfer loads from the soil near the surface to deeper, more stable soil that is more suitable for load bearing
  •  Underpin settling foundations
  • Lifting foundation to normal state

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