Helical Piers

Helical Piers

Overview: Helical Piers are an excellent choice for stabilizing existing structures that have been damaged due to settlement in the right conditions. Helicon Firm Foundation Warranty Helical Piers are also used as "tie backs" to prevent further movement of sea or retaining walls.

Function: Their main function is to support and stabilize the load bearing walls. The weight of the structure is transferred off the weak soils and onto the Helical Piers.

Steps to Installation: 1. For an outside installation, the soil around your foundation must be excavated to expose the footing at each pier location. For an inside installation, a section of your slab floor will need to be removed to expose the footing. The slab is restored after the installation.

A section of the footing will be cut away so that the steel bracket connected to the pier will support the wall directly. This approach will provide more effective support than lifting the section of the footing that extends beyond the walls.

2. Next, steel helical piers are turned down into the soil until competent strata is reached. Extension shafts are added as necessary to reach greater depths.

These steel foundation piers are the strongest components in our foundation repair arsenal, and are responsible for transferring the weight of your structure to solid, load-bearing soil. Our foundation piers are available with a galvanized steel design. These piers are corrosion-resistant, for long-lasting durability.

3. Once all piers and brackets have been installed, the settlement of your foundation will be permanently halted.

At this time, we will determine whether or not it makes sense to lift your foundation back to its original position. This operation has the potential to close cracks in your foundation and return doors, locks, and windows to their original functionality.

Warranty: Every Helical Pier Project completed by Helicon comes with a Firm Foundation Warranty.

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