Helicon's Tie Back System

Tie Back System

Helicon's tie back systems provide resisting force within retaining walls. Much like soil nails, tie back systems are installed at an angle, normally horizontally. Tie back systems are constructed by drilling steel bars or strand bundles into the earth to reinforce walls for stability. Typically these bars feature a helical slate or other type of anchor to act as a bearing device.

With tiebacks, variations occur in regards to the tiedown. With one end secured to the wall, the other can be anchored to a stable structure, such as a concrete deadman, which has been driven into the ground, or anchored into earth with sufficient resistance, or even to an existing structure.

At Helicon, our team of geotechnical experts can help you decide if tie back systems are the best option for your project’s needs. Every tie back system completed by Helicon comes with a Firm Foundation Warranty.

Advantages of a Tie Back System

  • Quick to install.
  • Grouting is eliminated.
  • Anchors can be taken out and reused.

Tie Back System Common Uses

  • Transfer applied tensile load into the ground
  • Reinforce retain walls for stability

Download Tie Back System Brochure