Permeation Grout

A Solidified Mass To Support An Increased Load and Fill Voids


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Commercial Info Request

Permeation Grouting

Helicon's permeation grouting system is a low pressure injection system used to improve the strength and reduce the permeability of granular soils. Our permeation grouting process helps strengthen sands and gravels, and repairs structural formations. The process produces a solidified mass to support increased load and fill voids in the soil.

Most often Helicon’s permeation grouting experts apply this technology when excavation is required adjacent to a building or other structure that is set on non-cohesive foundation soil or other unstable ground.

An effective permeation grouting program also requires a contractor with technical expertise to implement the project. Helicon has been performing permeation grouting programs for more than 10 years. Helicon uses pressure grout methods for preventing water flow, stabilizing granular material, encapsulating contaminated material, and improving the physical properties of soil or rock. We have also effectively used permeation methods to fill voids, cracks, fractures, cavities, and to create barriers to the movement of liquids through the ground.

Advantages of Permeation Grouting

  • Relatively economical.
  • Time-efficient.
  • Leaves a clean and undisturbed site.
  • Environmentally inert.

Permeation Grouting Common Uses

  • Create barriers to groundwater flow
  • Underpin foundations
  • Provide excavation support
  • Stabilize soils for tunneling

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Permeation Grouting Applications

permeation grout house
permeation grout seawall
permeation grout pool
Pool Decks
permeation grout manhole