Crawl Space Repair

Helicon offers the most cost-effective crawl space repair solutions with foundation repair crawl space jack support systems to stabilize crawl space foundations.

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Crawl Space Repair Solutions

The crawl space under your Florida home serves several important purposes. For example, it is a solid foundation that provides easy access to your home’s plumbing features, structural elements and more. By giving you direct access to these features, you or your contractors can more easily and quickly complete essential home maintenance and repair tasks. In addition, this space is often used for storage by a homeowner. Unfortunately, however, crawl spaces can be problematic because they are susceptible to a wide range of issues. At Helicon, we are foundation repair experts, and we are ready to respond to your needs for crawl space repair near me in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Orlando, and Clearwater.

Common Crawl Space Challenges 

As beneficial as crawl spaces are, they are prone to issues that require your attention. Generally, crawl spaces may not be watertight, so moisture and even flooding are common in this area underneath your home. These problems can prevent you from effectively using the space for much-needed storage, and they can lead to far more significant concerns. The moisture and humidity that are common in a crawl space, for example, can lead to high humidity levels in the home. This affects your comfort level indoors. It can also lead to condensation and mold around or on the windows. Sagging floors are another issue associated with moisture in a crawlspace. Inside the crawl space, insulation may become saturated. The insulation as well as the home’s structural components can develop mold growth. Foundation cracks, wood rot, floor joint issues and the failure of the home’s vapor barrier are all possibilities.  


Causes of Crawl Space Problems

There are several common causes of crawl space problems. The location of a crawl space directly on moist soil is one of the most common issues. Moisture and humidity can permeate upward to cause severe damage to floor joists, insulation, and other features in the crawl space. However, there are other causes of crawl space problems in Florida that you should be aware of.  

For example, the foundation of a home will inevitably settle over time. This is because the soil underneath the home can shift and become more compacted. Both wet and dry weather can contribute to the settlement. Hot temperatures throughout most of the year in Tampa Bay, Naples, Orlando, and other Florida areas may also contribute to dry soil in between heavy storms. These conditions may be more problematic when drainage and grading around the foundation are insufficient. Plumbing leaks in or under the home can also produce moisture in the crawl space.  

Poor home construction can also contribute to crawl space problems. For example, a concrete block foundation can allow more moisture and humidity to enter the crawlspace. A poured concrete foundation, on the other hand, is mostly impermeable. Other home construction issues, such as inadequate spacing between the support columns or floor joists can also create problems. 

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The Impacts of Crawl Space Damage

The concealed location of your crawl space can put it out of sight and out of mind, but the reality is that the condition of the crawl space can play a significant role in your home’s condition and in your family’s health. It is important to understand the impacts of crawl space damage and to request an inspection from our team at Helicon if you have any concerns. What are the impacts of crawl space damage?  

A humid crawl space is an ideal place for mold to grow. Dust mites can thrive, and they can level behind their fecal matter. You may think that these unhealthy elements would be confined to the crawl space, but this is not the case. Through the stack effect, mold spores and fecal elements can rise and penetrate throughout the higher levels of your home. These particles can contribute to allergies, worsen asthma symptoms, and cause a wide range of other health concerns for you and your family. In addition, these elements as well as decomposing wood and insulation can create a musty smell. This smell and a high level of humidity can contribute to an uncomfortable home environment.  

It is important to note that a high humidity level in the home can have a range of other negative effects. For example, moist air in a home can make it a more inviting environment for a wide range of pests and insects that are common in Florida. These pests and insects can cause property damage and can have negative health effects for you and your family. 

A high indoor humidity level also affects the overall condition of your home and can lead to serious property damage. For example, the subflooring, floor joists, insulation, support beams, window frames and more can be affected. Specifically, these can contribute to squeaky and sagging floors, uneven floors, moldy baseboards and windowsills and wood rot inside the walls. Mold and mildew growth in the home and even higher energy bills may also be problematic.  

Effective Solutions for Crawl Space Repair in Florida

If you are concerned about crawl space damage in your home, the first step is to schedule an inspection with our team at Helicon. We can accurately determine the cause and scope of the damage as well as the most effective solution for addressing the problem. There are several approaches that we may take to resolve the problem.  

A vitally important approach to address crawl space problems is to install a foundation support system consisting of crawl space jacks. Foundation support with crawl space jacks may be needed if you are dealing with uneven floors, squeaking floors, doors not closing properly, windows not opening properly, or other issues. This foundation support system solution will add substantial support to the sagging and undersized beams. This is done using crawl space jacks to raise the foundation, level the structure, and provide stability for the home.  

For issues related to high humidity levels, our team may install a vapor barrier called encapsulation in your crawl space. This is comparable in thickness and composition to a swimming pool liner. The encapsulation vapor barrier can completely cover the entire crawl space to prevent moisture from the soil from entering the area. Notably, this solution can also improve indoor air quality and protect your home from preventable damages. In some cases, we may determine that more comprehensive waterproofing steps are needed to prevent moisture from entering the crawl space. We may also recommend the installation of a sump pump in the crawl space to remove standing water. Additional waterproofing steps may include the installation of a dimple board and a polymer membrane coating for crawl space encapsulation.

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