Helicon Engineering Series

The primary focus of our seminar series is to provide details regarding our design-build methodology, techniques and the best demonstrated solutions to ensure the proper application, installation and material selection to meet your current or future project’s needs.

Participants are given a thorough review of ground improvement as soil stabilization is the process of altering the physical properties in soil to improve the load bearing capacity. We achieve this through a process called Vibro Replacement through the services of either Vibro Compaction (densification) or Vibro Stone Columns (reinforcement). In addition, we would also explore helical anchors (tension) used in earth retention structures as well as resistance piers and helical piles (compression), used in structures requiring deep foundation support before the foundation is poured. In addition, we will also discuss sinkhole and structural stabilization services like compaction grouting (strengthen), polyurethane grouting (expansion), or underpinning (transfer).

The knowledge and techniques developed in this seminar will allow participants to design, specify and install the right solution utilizing the latest developments in foundation technology.

Helicon’s seminar series offers laborers, engineers, architects and specifiers the opportunity to overcome construction challenges, both economic and logistical, by providing vital fact-based resources for the Southeastern US.

Our professional Helicon Teams are trained and equipped with the tools and expertise needed to execute a flawless and professional experience using the latest technology to repair or prevent for your particular project. 


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