Testimonial Videos

Dave Garmon

Dave from Winter Springs explains how his pool deck was experiencing severe settlement and cracking.


"Pool deck had dropped nearly 3 inches."

The price was nearly a third of the price of new concrete"

"I was really impressed with what they did."

Autumn Righter

Autumn has a home in Fort Myers and was experiencing some severe foundation and soil problems around her pool and home.


"It has changed the appearance of our property because our pool is no longer sunken."

"All of the guys that came out and worked here were absolutely fabulous!"

"I would absolutely recommend your services!"

Michael Boyer

Michael from Apollo Beach shares his experience with Helicon and why he recommends Helicon to anyone facing the same problem.


Started experiencing cracking on his lanai.

"I think it was a really good solution for us."

"I am very satisfied at what Helicon did."

Henry Fontanills

Henry Fontanills from Lutz, FL tells us how Helicon went the extra mile to lift his foundation back to normal. 


Back corner of Henry's home foundation was sinking. He contacted Helicon to help.

Helicon performed a simultaneous lift and poly foam lift procedure to raise his foundation back to normal.

"It's worth every penny, I'll tell you that!"

Kaye Coddington

Kaye Coddington explains how Helicon saved her home by repairing the foundation ahead of time and under budget.


After noticing cracks in her home, she did research and found Helicon.

We came in ahead of time and under budget, what more could you ask for?

"When someone does good work and is faithful and produces what you asked for, then I gladly give you my time for a testimonial."

Bojken Asllani

Bojken Asllani from Tampa, FL explains how Helicon kept their promise 100% from the beginning to end of his sinkhole repair process.


Noticed windows not opening properly, doors not opening properly.

Asked around for referrals, was recommended Helicon.

"I feel 100% safe in my home now."

Joseph Dogbe

When Joseph Dogbe from Tampa, FL saw a crack in his foundation, his insurance company recommended Helicon. After his sinkhole was repaired, he feels safer than ever in his home.


Saw a crack on the wall, contacted Helicon.

Helicon workers respected my property.

"I feel comfortable to live in my home because of the work Helicon did."

Bob Donahue

If you are in the market for a contractor, Bob Donahue from Spring Hill, Florida encourages you to do your homework first. Listen to what he says about his experience with Helicon on his sinkhole remediation and his pool deck reconstruction.


Noticed a severe crack in the pool deck and cracking on the stucco in the front of the house.

There has not been one issue that has not been rectified through this process.

"I would recommend Helicon to anybody that has the desire or need to have services performed."

Ronald Kana

Ronald from Spring Hills, FL trusted the recommendation of Helicon from his peers and he was very pleased with our service.  Hear what he has to say about his experience working with Helicon on fixing his sinkhole problem.


Heard that Helicon was a reputable company.

Helicon kept the promises they made.

"I would recommend Helicon to anyone. Good company and hard workers."


Helicon has the pleasure of working with some of the finest custom home builders in the Tampa Bay area as well as the state of Florida. Partnering with Sample Properties to install pre-construction helical piers and help revitalize the South Tampa community has been a very successful relationship.


In the past he had used timber piles for foundations.

Now he uses helical piles that are a better solution.

"Helicon does exactly what they say they will do. I look forward to working with them again on our next project."