Polyurethane Grouting

Polyurthane Grouting

Polyurethane grout is a re-leveling technique Helicon uses a unique type of polyurethane mixture and injects it into the soil to fill voids and level slabs or foundations. The polyurethane grout expands to fill the crack or joint.

Polyurethane grout can be single or multi-component and can be made of various materials allowing for variations in reaction time, expansion properties, flexibility, viscosity, and reaction with water. The process begins with drilling a hole at a predetermined location. A geotechnical professional will then use a hand pump to inject the polyurethane grout at low pressures. Once the grout is injected, it will expand and cause surrounding soil to move and fill gaps or re-level the slab.

At Helicon, we provide the most cost-effective and technically appropriate solution for your project’s needs. Every Polyurethane Grout project completed by Helicon comes with a Firm Foundation Warranty.

Advantages of Polyurethane Grout

  • Introduce grout into soil pores without any essential change in the original soil volume and structure.
  •  Ability to be less disruptive and enable tunneling to proceed without over-excavation.

Polyurethane Grout Common Uses

  • Fill voids.
  • Re-level slabs.
  • Seal cracks and joints.
  • Strengthen subsoil.
  • Anchor retaining walls.

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