Residential Market


Single Family Residential

As a trusted geotech construction company in Florida, Helicon specializes in using the latest technology to repair your sinkhole, stabilize your soil or structure, and prevent future damage with pre-construction. 

We are experts in pre-construction and sinkhole repair. As the premier provider of geotech construction services throughout Florida for nearly 15 years, Helicon prides itself on providing high quality service, for both insurance companies and private customers with handling all repairs and pre-construction work for residential projects. We strive to exceed everyone’s expectations.  

With our reliable, tried-and-true geotech construction processes, you can rest assured that Helicon is the expert you need. 

Multi-Family Residential

The residential multi-family development is one of the largest expanding markets particularly growing here in the state of Florida and into the Southeast portions of America.

Many of the latest generation of young millennial professionals, as well as empty nesters and baby boomers, are moving towards the urban cores of cities in the United States witnessed by the “Live, Work, Play” approach sweeping downtown Tampa, FL. As this development trend continues, urban construction techniques will be called upon to provide the foundations for these projects from 3- or 4-story framed structures, to residential towers with dozens of floors. We provide design/build solutions to suit the best return on investment for these structures. From vibro stone columns to pre-construction helical piers zero supporting strong buildings, to ground improvement services like compaction grouting or polyurethane grouting to treat the soils below, or from underpinning your existing structure; we can provide you with a well-designed plan that will maximize your build-able footprint.

We can also provide real time monitoring during construction of the building. This can help reduce complaints from neighbors when you can easily show them, in real time, what kind of movement or vibration was a result of the construction activities. 


If you have a project in the State of Florida, we cover all the major metropolitan areas such as:Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Orlando, Ocala, Winter Park, Miami, Boca Raton, Jacksonville, Gainsville, Sarasota, Ft.Myers, Naples, and Tallahassee, FL area.


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