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Foundation Repair in Jacksonville, Florida

Residents of Jacksonville, Florida, have the ability to enjoy a lively nightlife, a beautiful beach, and plenty of tropical-like weather. While plenty of areas throughout the Jacksonville area are optimal for residential homes and commercial businesses, it is important to understand how the climate of Jacksonville, Florida impacts the need for the foundation of properties to be repaired over time.

Jacksonville is no stranger to humidity and plenty of moisture, as there are many hot days and severe thunderstorms throughout the summer months. In addition to increased wetness during summer months, additional moisture and heat can also significantly impact the foundations of nearby structures.

Anyone living in or near the Jacksonville, FL area may be at risk for foundational issues in their home or place of business. Foundation cracks, leaks, and even sinkholes are all possible without proper maintenance and repair work.

Helicon works with only the latest technology when it comes to repairing your foundation, stabilizing your structure and soil, and repairing sinkholes surrounding your property or beneath your home. With Helicon, gain peace of mind knowing that your home or place of business is in the right hands with more than 15 years of experience in the State of Florida alone.

Foundation Issues

Foundation issues in a structure are not always noticeable with the naked eye but can quickly become an expensive and serious issue if left unattended to and untreated. Because of the intense and sometimes severe in Jacksonville, your residential or commercial foundation has a much greater risk of developing cracks or pressing issues.

Many areas throughout the State of Florida, including Jacksonville, are prone to high gusts of wind, heavy downpours, high temperatures, and intense humidity levels. With heavy storms and plenty of rainfall, the pressure may begin to cause hairline cracks that lead to larger cracks throughout your foundation. In many cases, the cracks or issues in your foundation may not be visible with a simple inspection and instead require a more thorough inspection and assessment from professionals.

If you have any plumbing issues throughout your home, they may also lead to cracks and problematic issues in your home’s foundation, especially if left untreated for too long. When you experience a drought in Jacksonville or extended dry periods in your region, your home or structure is also more vulnerable to sinking or losing out on support. Droughts can cause the soil beneath foundations to slip and shrink, making your structure’s foundation less stable and sturdy over time. Before a major issue occurs, consider working with the professionals at Helicon to properly identify and assess the issues you are experiencing with the foundation or the structure of your property.

When you believe there may be an issue with your home or commercial property’s foundation, it is highly recommended to inspect these areas for potential cracks or noticeable damage that requires attention:

  • Main Foundation
  • Walls/Flooring/Drywall
  • Slabs/Columns
  • Chimney Issues

Additionally, it is important to remember these signs that may indicate an issue with your home’s foundation:

  • Difficulty opening, closing or keeping doors, windows, and cabinets shut completely.
  • Your chimney is noticeably leaning.
  • Your entire home is leaning or is on a slant.
  • You notice your home’s staircases are pulling further from your main foundation as time passes.

Even if you are unsure of whether your home is currently at risk for foundational cracks or potential sinkholes, it is advisable to verify whether you require repairs or updates to your property. Working together with professional foundation repair companies that service Jacksonville such as Helicon is a way to protect your family and your investment for decades to come.

With Helicon, we utilize a variety of tools and top technology available today to provide our clients with the foundation and sinkhole repair services they deserve. We only use equipment and solutions that are tried, tested, viable, and well-liked by our customers and clients.

What is a Sinkhole?

A sinkhole is defined as a natural hole or sunken ground that occurs due to a breakdown of materials or the overall collapse of a surface area. Sinkholes can cause minimal damage to swallow entire homes and buildings, depending on your location and surrounding sinkhole risks.

In the Jacksonville, FL, area, residents are always advised to have their homes and commercial properties inspected regularly for potential foundational issues or sinkhole risks as Florida foundations are primarily set on limestone. Limestone is known to decay, erode, and shift over time, especially during turbulent periods of inclement weather. It is also recommended to consider a sinkhole insurance policy, especially if your home or commercial property is in an area that is prone to sinkholes and foundational damage.

Sinkhole Repair and Remediation

At Helicon, we specialize in providing sinkhole repair and remediation services to residents in the Jacksonville, Duval County, and Orange Park areas. We understand just how important it is to not only protect your home and valuables, but also your loved ones. In the case of a serious and life-threatening sinkhole, it is imperative to seek sinkhole repair and remediation services.

Whether you believe your property is at risk of sinking or if you have noticed the early signs of a potential issue in your foundation, let us help to quickly identify and pinpoint the problem. We have more than 15 years of experience with identifying and remedying sinkholes in both small residential homes as well as large commercial buildings.

Is My Home or Commercial Property at Risk?

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If you are a resident of Duval County, Jacksonville, or Orange Park, your property structures may be at risk of a sinkhole or may require foundational repairs. While there has not been a significant increase in overall sinkholes throughout the Tallahassee and Jacksonville area, it is still advisable to ensure that your home or place of business is not at risk.

At Helicon, we have more than 15 years of experience identifying, assessing, and remedying foundational cracks and sinkholes. Let us provide you with the top-notch customer service you deserve when you need professional foundation and sinkhole assistance.

Signs of a Sinkhole

While not all signs of a potential sinkhole are always visible or easy to spot, it is important to remain aware of potential issues to keep an eye on in your home or place of business. Some of the most notable problems you will encounter when your home’s foundation is at risk or if your property is on a sinkhole may include:

  • Cracks: Visible cracks throughout the walls and foundation of your home will likely be visible to indicate a more serious problem. While visible cracks in your walls and foundation may indicate a sinkhole issue, they can also be indicative of the need for foundational repair work.
  • Slab Leaks: If you notice leaks coming from the concrete slabs you have surrounding your home or property; it may be time to consider a sinkhole remediation and repair company. Leaks surrounding concrete slabs are typically indicative of more serious issues that need to be addressed.
  • Fence Posts: Are the fence posts surrounding your home slanted or are they beginning to droop and sag in unexpected areas? This may be an indicator that there is something amiss below your property or its foundation.
  • Wet Floors: Increased leakage and wet floors without obvious leaks can indicate a serious and potentially life-threatening issue with your home’s foundation or land, especially if you do not have a basement that is responsible for the leaks.
  • Opening Doors: Opening the cabinets, doors, and even the windows in your home may seem more difficult than usual when there is an issue with the foundational makeup of a property or structure.

If you are currently located in or around Jacksonville, Orange Park, or Duval County, contact Helicon to discover how we can help to repair and remedy your home or building’s foundation. Whether you require sinkhole foundation repair in Jacksonville or if you simply require assistance with cracks discovered in your foundation, we can help. Helicon specializes in using only the best and latest technology designed to repair sinkholes, allowing us to stabilize your home’s foundation and structure while simultaneously preventing further damage to your property.