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Foundation Repair Naples, FL

Naples, FL and surrounding cities in Collier and Lee counties have a lot of attractive features to boast about. For instance, Naples hosts the second largest number of millionaires proportionally, enjoys over 300 sunny days a year and is surrounded by an impressive number of national parks, preserves, and refuges.

However, the humid climate, proximity to the sea and the innumerable layers of limestone beneath the soil in Naples, Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, and Cape Coral can be unkind to human-made structures. Homes, commercial structures and seawalls all face threats from concrete deterioration, poor drainage, sinkholes and the side effects of everyday human activities.

Our company provides professional foundation repair in Naples, concrete lift, concrete repair, and seawall remediation services throughout Lee County and Collier County, FL whenever its residents are confronted with foundation issues or need sinkhole or seawall repair. We also provide pre-construction geotechnical consultations and soil remediation services to builders.

Threats to Foundations

naples foundation repair

Foundation problems can occur due to a large variety of reasons:

  • Natural settling of the soil beneath or near the foundation
  • Pressures resulting from seasonal expansion and contraction of the soil
  • Issues with the foundation or roof water drainage system
  • Sinkhole formation beneath the foundation
  • An increase in building weight due to additional construction
  • Nearby construction or excavation activity
  • Large trees and shrubbery that extract excessive soil moisture

These issues and others are often detected via periodic inspections of your foundations for cracks, fissures, voids and unevenness in floors or walls. Often cracks in a home’s interior drywall or a sticking window or door can be traced to a settling foundation.

In any case, you are always better off remedying such problems as early as possible since the entire building critically depends on a reliable base of support beneath it.

Seawall Threats

In addition to similar hazards that face foundations, seawalls must deal with tidal forces and severe erosion due to Florida storms or hurricanes plus the caustic effects of seawater. Your seawall’s function depends on containing enormous hydrostatic pressures behind it. This means you must maintain vigilance over its integrity throughout the year or call in a seawall repair specialist regularly.

There are a number of telltale signals that you can see with your naked eye that could alert you to potentially disastrous problems:

  • Rust stains could mean that the wall’s concrete re-bar or steel anchors are degrading. As they degrade, they will expand which accelerates wall deterioration.
  • Slabs that lean outward from either the bottom or the top of the wall usually indicate loss of the wall’s berm or insufficient water drainage, respectively.
  • Cracks in your wall’s concrete often occur right below the wall cap or at the barnacle line, both of which probably mean hydrostatic pressures are not being contained properly.
  • Wall cap cracks that are widening should be a cause of worry as the cap is essential to hold the wall slabs together.

If you detect these or other problems, such as sinkhole formation or pooling water, contact us for further examination to gauge the severity of the situation and offer the best repair solution for your seawall.

Threats From Sinkholes

Florida has more sinkhole activity than any other state in the U.S. This is due to the widespread presence in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Punta Gorda of deep layers of porous limestone beneath the surface.

Water from rains, agricultural irrigation or even watering lawns passes through surface vegetation causing it to become acidic. This acidic water dissolves limestone layers beneath the surface, which leads to the creation of large cavities. The upper, thin limestone layer at some point can simply not support its own weight let alone that of a building or a concrete pool deck.

Sinkhole activity often increases due to human population increases in areas such as Naples, FL. Alteration of land topography or depletion of groundwater may create side effects in drainage or moisture content that accelerate the appearance of sinkholes and increase the need for foundation repair or seawall repair.

Sinkholes can threaten seawalls, building foundations, a driveway or concrete pool deck as the soil beneath these structures becomes unable to support the weight above. One of the classic indicators of foundation failure due to sinkhole activity is the presence of cracks in a circular pattern. You may also notice that trees, flagpoles, trees or other vertical structures are leaning.

Often homeowners who detect sinkhole activity experience sleepless nights, but it is rare for such occurrences to swallow up their house. We are happy to share our many years of expertise by consulting with you about the extent of any sinkhole situation and the possible solutions.

Foundation and Seawall Repair Options

Our company offers you a range of concrete repair, remediation solutions, and foundation repair in Naples for restoring support, reducing hazards to your seawall or removing the menace posed by sinkholes.

For example, the injection of compaction grouting can be used to fill voids beneath foundations, behind seawalls or beneath concrete pool decks. These techniques are often accomplished without the need for concrete lift operations.

Various types of underpinning techniques are also applicable to stabilize and increase foundation support. These include helical or steel push piers. Additional or replacement wall anchors may be used for seawall remediation.

Foundation, Seawall, and Sinkhole Issues Require Professional Help

Cities in Lee County and Collier County possess some of the most desirable environments and climates found anywhere. However, the humidity, saltwater, rain, and storms can threaten your sense of well-being if they lead to deterioration of the concrete structures your home or business depends on.

If you suspect degradation of your seawall, are experiencing effects of foundation movement or see signs of sinkhole activity, do not hesitate to take advantage of our knowledge and expertise in seawall or foundation repair. We will accurately gauge what you are up against whether you live in Naples, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral or Fort Myers.

We efficiently assess your issues and provide any type of structural repair, remediation or foundation repair in Naples that is necessary to bring you peace of mind. That way, you can get back to enjoying the great weather and scenery in this special part of Florida.