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The DIY Battle Against Seawall Soil Erosion

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The encroaching waves and the relentless tides often leave Florida homeowners and communities along the coast grappling with a common adversary: seawall soil erosion. In an attempt to shield their land from being swallowed by the sea, many have turned to DIY techniques, only to find that these solutions can be as steadfast as sandcastles against the surging forces of …

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Why Is Soil Stabilization So Important in Foundation Repair?

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Have you ever noticed a slight tilt in your driveway, or perhaps a crack along your concrete patio or sidewalk? Soil stabilization can solve these issues. These may not be random occurrences, but signs of a deeper issue: a compromised soil foundation. Soil stability is the unsung hero of construction, a critical aspect that ensures the safety and longevity of …

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Permeation Grout: NASA, Cape Canaveral, FL

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NASA Kennedy Space CenterCape Canaveral, FLCLIENT: NASA Kennedy Space Center ENGINEER: Universal Engineering Sciences MARKET: Industrial SOLUTION: Ground Improvement SERVICE: Permeation GroutGround Improvement for NASA Kennedy Space CenterImprovement of the loose/medium dense soilsLow pressure permeation grout injections spaced 4 feet across the Launch ComplexProject PDFProjectThe permeation grout project is at the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL. This …