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Residential Pool Deck Stabilization, Tampa, FL

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Residential Pool , Tampa, FL


Tampa, FL

CLIENT: Homeowner

MARKET: Residential

SOLUTION: Ground Improvement

SERVICES: Helical Piers,  Chemical Grout


Secure and stabilize pool deck of existing residential pool.

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A residential pool deck was experiencing settlement and needed to be stabilized.


• Loose soils underneath pool deck structure.


25 injection points to install a chemical polyurethane expanding foam grout around the pool deck. 9 Helical Pier underpins up to a depth of 20' more.

Helical piers were installed around the pool deck by first excavating a small hole in the ground. The hole was deep enough so that the helical pier can be inserted and reach the desired bearing capacity. Once each hole was excavated, each helical pier was inserted and turned into the ground using a power tool. As the pier was turned, the helical plates on the shank of the pier dig into the soil, providing a strong anchor.

Overall, helical piers are a good option for supporting pool decks in most situations. They are faster to install than concrete footings, they can be installed in any type of soil, and they are more stable than concrete footings in areas with expansive soils.

Chemical grout is a type of grout that is used to seal and stabilize the soil under a pool deck. It is a two-part epoxy grout that is mixed together and then injected into the soil through holes that are drilled in the pool deck. The chemical grout expands as it cures, filling in the voids in the soil and creating a solid barrier that prevents water from seeping through.

Once the chemical grout has cured, it will create a solid barrier that prevents water from seeping through the soil under the pool deck. This will help to prevent leaks and keep the pool water clean and safe.