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Trammell Crow, Tampa, FL, Ground Improvement

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Trammell Crow Residential, Tampa, FL


Tampa, FL

Increase Load Bearing Capacity of Loose Soils for 300 Unit Apartment Complex

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The 13.5 Acre project site at Trammell Crow Uptown Development where the former Grand Prix Tampa on N Nebraska Ave, Tampa was located.


• The entire project area of the former go-kart and mini golf center needed to have increased load bearing capacity to support structures consisting of 300 apartment units in 11 buildings with surface parking areas.


Soils typical of the Coastal Plains Physiographic Region were encountered. The soils consisted of very loose to medium dense sand with varying amounts of silt, clay, and limestone. 

Due to the presence of the underlying very loose lower sand materials and general raveling pattern of the soils overlying the limestone stratum, potentially indicative of karst conditions, a compaction grouting program was utilized to stabilize the apparent karst-affected subsurface. 

The use of low mobility pressure grouting is a common solution to loose soils. This method consisted of inserting injection pipes to the desired treatment depth within and around the perimeter of the desired treatment area. Grout is then injected as the pipe is slowly removed in lifts, creating a grout column. The expansion of the low mobility grout columns displaces the surrounding soils. Compaction grouting increases the density of the surrounding soils.

All operations were performed under the observation of the engineer of record. Efficient planning & coordination was key to overcoming the challenges & limitations. 

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