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Waste Management, Tampa, FL, Soil Stabilization

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Waste Management, Tampa, FL


Tampa, FL

CLIENT: Waste Management

MARKET: Commercial

SOLUTION: Soil Stabilization

SERVICES: Chemical Grout


Stabilize Soil in Parking Lot for Heavy Trucks

Multiple voids filled throughout the area

Garbage Trucks now reside on stable ground

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The Waste Management parking lot where heavy machinery and massive garbage trucks park had numerous voids beneath the surface that couldn't support the weight of the large trucks.


• The parking area needed to be almost immediately load-bearing to avoid any potential hazards.


Inject chemical grout up to 10 feet in depth to solidify and stabilize the soil. The chemical grout was injected directly under the slab to compress the top layer of soil while stabilizing the slab. The quick cure time of the chemical grout allowed the area to be able to support loads almost immediately. All operations at the Waste Management facility were up and running and back to normal in no time.

All operations were performed under the observation of the engineer of record. Efficient planning & coordination was key to overcoming the challenges & limitations.