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Foundation Repair in Tampa, FL

Expert Foundation Repair Tampa, Florida

You Can’t Afford to Wait for a Damaged Foundation to Be Repaired

If you’ve recently experienced a damaged concrete foundation in Tampa, FL, possibly from natural causes like a sinkhole, then time is a precious commodity when choosing the right team to fix the problem at hand. With the very integrity of your structure compromised, Helicon, the Premier Foundation Repair Company in Tampa can offer several timely solutions to save your hard-earned real-estate investment. Not to mention several additional services provided to fortify and strengthen the integrity of your existing, or repaired foundation. When searching for Tampa foundation repair, there are some key areas and signs to look for.

Foundation Repair Near Me

Tampa, Florida is a beautiful city, we know, we work and live here too. However, the climate conditions and natural phenomena that occur in the area bring chaos upon the structural foundations of many residential and commercial properties. Without a timely foundation inspection and foundation repair Tampa, you are essentially gambling on when your pre-existing foundation damage is going to become worse. Don’t let existing damage become more of a potential hazard to the health and well-being of you and yours.

What Are the Warning Signs of Potential Foundation Damage?

The evidence of structural damage to your foundation can easily be spotted by the naked eye. If physical damage is present, it is a good indicator that a further underlying condition exists, and action to repair your foundation should take place immediately. Read ahead for a shortlist of the physical signs of damage.

  • Cracks in your stairs
  • Fractured, cracked walls or drywall
  • Fissures in your foundation or slab
  • Depressions, or signs of sinkholes in your yard
  • Windows and doors become hard to open and close
  • Increased noise, or creaking throughout the structure

If you notice any of these physical signs of damage, or warning signs of potential further damage to the foundation of your home, then do not hesitate to contact our team of premiere sinkhole repair professionals at Helicon in Tampa to assist you with an inspection right away.

How Helicon Can Help Repair Sinkhole Damage to Your Foundation

If the signs are clear that you have damage due to a sinkhole, or other weather-related instances, then keep reading to understand how our team at Helicon can assist you.

1. Soil Stabilization:

• Compaction Grouting – is a method used to repair sinkholes by filling and sealing the surface of the limestone rock formation that is causing the sinkhole. Essentially forcing loose and weak soil into a more compact formation.

• Chemical Grouting – is the number one solution for shallow, surface-level sinkhole repair, especially within Hillsborough County.

2. Structural Stabilization:

 Helical Pier – Is used to stabilize an already existing structure that has been damaged due to sinkhole settlement. 

 Underpinning – Raises and levels an existing home foundation by implanting steel columns into the bedrock underneath the home. 

• Injection Piers – Are a method of soil stabilization, using pins to inject a grout solution into the soil beneath the foundation of a home. 

Finding the Best Repair Method

Our professional team of sinkhole repair experts at Helicon will be able to determine the best method to conduct foundation repair Tampa. With the experience of thousands of successful foundation repair Tampa, we are confident that yours will be a success, too.

Our team at Helicon is ready to provide affordable foundation repair, cement slab, and sinkhole repair services depending on the nature of your specific need. We treat each new job as a discovery and will plan to diagnose and treat the repair problem accordingly. Read ahead to discover the other services that we are capable of providing.

• Tie Back System – This system uses anchors to stabilize and reinforce the horizontal integrity of a structure. They can be used with several other methods of stabilization as well.

• House and Concrete Leveling – Is just another reality to living in the Tampa Bay area. When foundations or slabs begin to settle, some will crack. Our team can help re-level unforeseen settling of your cement foundation or slab.

• Mudjacking or Slab Jacking – Is a common method employed to re-level and stabilize a sinking foundation through drilling small holes in your foundation, and filling the underlying cavities with a cement mixture, or similar mixture.

There are other, similar methods to leveling a sinking slab or foundation repair that our team can employ to use at your residential or commercial real estate site.

Foundation Repair Tampa Leaders

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Remember, as a leader in foundation repair Tampa, Helicon will not only work to repair existing damage to residential, commercial, and other real estate foundations and slabs but offer pre-construction services to avoid these problems from ever happening in the first place. Consider us your go-to team for small to large scale plans before you break ground on your next real estate investment.

As we mentioned earlier, we have completed thousands of successful repairs and pre-construction projects. You can see our foundation repair Tampa google reviews, and personal customer testimonials for reassurance of a job well done.

When you’re ready to begin the process of pre-construction or existing foundation repair, then reach out to contact us right away. Remember, you don’t want to gamble on the future integrity of your property by waiting to have damage foundation repair Tampa performed.