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Foundation Repair in Bonita Springs, Florida

Homeowners in Bonita Springs and other areas of Florida know that the heat, flooding, and drought can wreak havoc on a home’s foundation as it ages. For foundation repair in Bonita Springs, Helicon is the best choice.

How to Know if a Home Has Foundation Problems

Every home shifts some. In the Florida subtropical weather, the ground is often very dry or very wet. The ground that is too dry will shrink and cause a home’s foundation to shift. In wet climate situations, the soil expands and the home moves as well. All these changing positions can cause gaps and cracks that lead to further damage such as leaking, cracking walls, doors, and windows, uneven flooring, and more. Left untreated, a home that is settling or experiencing foundation upheaval will eventually require repairs.

The only way to know if a home has foundation concerns is to hire a professional to inspect it. If it turns out there are issues, Helicon’s trained experts will map out a plan of action and make certain it is executed promptly. 

What Causes Foundation Issues?

Foundation Repair in Bonita Springs

The type of soil that makes up the foundation of a home or building directly influences the risk of shifting. Sandy areas tend to make a better foundation as water flows in and out easily. Regions where the soil is clay experience more foundation movement. This is because the clay soil absorbs the water and expands. 

A home or building has three layers of soil. The bottom level is the bedrock, next is the untouched soil and the top layer is the one most affected by the weather. As this top section, sometimes called the active zone, shrinks and expands, shifting ensues, resulting in floor and wall cracks, bowing walls, uneven flooring, etc. 

Sometimes the foundation problems in Bonita Springs are caused by leaky pipes or lines that are hidden underneath the slab, tree roots that have grown underneath the slab, or poor drainage. Poor drainage can be prevented by installing gutters, a French drain, or grading the land away from the house. 

What is Used to Fix a Home’s Foundation?

Foundation repair is accomplished by one of several methods, depending on the site condition where the repair needs to be done.

Underpinning – When underpin steel piers were introduced, they were a large step in innovation for the foundation repair industry. Steel piers are easy to install and do not cause as much disturbance to surrounding areas as concrete piers. These piers can be installed as deep as 100 feet, so they are great for clay soil to avert expansion.

Helical piers – One of the most adaptable forms of foundation repair, helical piers are useful for exterior foundation or interior slab repairs. 

High-density polyurethane foam – Sprayed into a grid in the center of the problem area. It is one of the quickest ways to make repairs.

Slab jacking – For concrete that is sinking or unlevel, a professional may choose this method for smaller problems such as a front porch or a driveway. Special equipment is used to drill holes into the concrete. The holes are filled with an injection of soil or cement to raise the slab up.

Poly jacking – Another alternative would be an injection of polyurethane (poly jacking), a light-weight product that is more long-lasting than soil or concrete.

A professional foundation repair expert will know the proper technique to use in each situation and still work within a budget.

When it Comes to Foundation Repair in Bonita Springs, Why Helicon?

Helicon is a licensed contractor in ground improvement, and we are dedicated to quality. Our expert trained staff takes great pride in meeting the highest in industry standards. As part of our commitment to our customers, we are a member of the Florida Association of Soil Stabilization Specialists and the Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc.  We want every job we do to be done right the first time. Call us today to do your foundation repair in Bonita Springs, FL: 239-451-5360.