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Why Builders Choose Helical Piers for a Solid Foundation System

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Whether you have a new construction project in Florida or you are working on a foundation repair project, the importance of a quality foundation system cannot be overvalued. While there are a variety of foundation solutions available for home and commercial needs alike, there are benefits associated with using helical piers also known as helical piles over other options that …

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How to Easily Repair Sunken Concrete by Lifting Concrete

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Florida soil can be treacherous. Famous for its clay minerals, it absorbs moisture. For the building owner, this means that their structure is built on ground that shrinks or swells, depending on the water content of the soil. The visual results are sunken concrete slabs, cracks in a concrete pool deck, and a gradual worsening of structural problems. Concrete lifting …

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Residential Home Zephyrhills, FL

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Residential Home Zephyrhills Zephyrhills, FLENGINEER: GWE Engineering MARKET: Residential SOLUTION: Foundation Repair SERVICES: Compaction Grout Underpinning  Chemical Grout  Foundation repair for a residential home75 underpins installed around the perimeter of the structureOver 300 cubic yards compaction grout utilizedOver 10,000 pounds chemical grout grout utilizedProject PDFProjectThe project is a residential home located in a golf community in Zephyrhills, FL. The home …

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How Helical Piers Can Provide Outstanding Foundation Support For Townhomes

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Helical Piers are Excellent for Supporting the Foundations of Townhomes When discussing the problematic Florida soil and its effects on foundation construction, most people think about single-family homes. However, commercial buildings, multi-story buildings, and townhomes also deal with similar issues. Specialists explain that helical piers could be excellent options for foundation repair in Tampa, Naples, Ft. Myers, Orlando, and beyond. …

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Concrete Slab Cracks Can Absolutely Lead to Foundation Problems

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Concrete is both affordable and durable, so it is a common building material that is used to construct driveways, patios, and home foundations in Naples, Orlando, and other Florida communities. While its exceptional properties make it strong enough to endure the tremendous forces of Mother Nature, significant weight, heavy traffic, and more, concrete is prone to a few problems that …

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Discover A Superior Seawall Drainage Solution – Jet Filters

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Living directly on the waterfront in Tampa, Sarasota, or other Florida cities can be idyllic most of the time. However, to continue enjoying the complete living experience that your home’s location provides, you will need to protect it from the damaging forces of powerful elements. The concrete seawall that supports the ground that your home sits on will eventually be …

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Should I Buy a House with Foundation Problems?

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Before you finalize plans to buy your dream home in Tampa, Orlando, or other Florida communities, you need to get a firm understanding of the home’s actual condition. The unfortunate reality is that foundation problems are common throughout the state. Even minor foundation problems can impact the construction and overall condition of the structure, and repairs could cost a small …

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How Reliable is Helical Pier Installation for Foundation Repair?

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Do you own residential or commercial buildings that could benefit from helical pier installation? There are several telltale signs that your structure is experiencing foundation problems due to soil shifts that piers could correct. In this post, we will detail how helical piers work. Retaining Wall Collapse When your Florida contractor added a retaining wall to the property, you might …

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Helical Piers: Residential Luxury Pool, Holiday, FL

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Luxury Pool Helical PiersHoliday, FLCLIENT: Ryan Hughes Design ENGINEER: RE&A Engineering Solutions MARKET: Residential SOLUTION: Deep Foundation SERVICE: Helical PiersDeep foundation for a luxury residential pool57 helical piers installed to support poolPiers installed ranging from 17-23.5 ft deepProject PDFProjectThe project is a residential luxury pool in need of pre-construction helical piers for the main pool, wading pool, pool deck area, …

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How Soil Expansion and Contraction are Sabotaging Your Foundation

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Unless you are an avid gardener, you probably do not concern yourself too much with the soil’s makeup on your property. Even then, you may mostly worry about drainage for the vegetable plants and nutrients for the herbs. However, Florida’s granular soils have a dark side. Sometimes, they cause soil expansion and lead to the ground shifting, and when your …