Why Builders Choose Helical Piers for a Solid Foundation System

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Whether you have a new construction project in Florida or you are working on a foundation repair project, the importance of a quality foundation system cannot be overvalued. While there are a variety of foundation solutions available for home and commercial needs alike, there are benefits associated with using helical piers also known as helical piles over other options that you may be considering. With a closer look at these benefits, you will see why this is the solution you want to use for your next project in Naples, Tampa, Ft Myers, or Sarasota.

Understanding a Helical Pier Foundation Sysytem

Helical piers, or helical piles, are often compared to push piers, but they are fundamentally different in critical areas. Push piles are often used for repairs, remodeling and pre-construction needs because they are relatively easy to install. They are driven into the ground beneath the home or commercial property. Helical piles work in a somewhat similar fashion, and they are even easier to install. While they are driven into the ground, this is accomplished through a screwing motion rather than through hydraulics.

The piles are heavy-duty shafts with exterior plates that facilitate their movement into the soil. When they are in place, they are secured permanently to the foundation. While the piles are designed on the same engineering principles, their fundamental differences will impact everything from the project’s expense to its timeline and more. What are the benefits offered by our foundation system over other options?

A Variety of New Construction Projects

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Regardless of whether you are working on a home remodeling project in Sarasota or a commercial pre-construction project in Naples, helical piles are ideal for the purpose. The engineering behind these helical piers gives them the ideal balance of both compression and tension for all needs. In fact, because of their exceptional versatility, many builders find that helical piers for new construction are their go-to foundation solution in communities throughout Florida.

A Quality Replacement Option

Foundation repair issues in Florida often result when the ground settles beneath the structure. This may be caused by soil contraction and soil compaction that result from heavy rains or by a variety of other factors.

Mobilization of Parts for Remote Worksites

While many new construction projects and repair projects are in established areas, you may be working on a challenging project in a remote area. For both pre-construction and repair projects alike, the easy mobilization of our helical pier foundation system’s parts makes this the ideal option for remote worksites. Regardless of whether your project is in Tampa, Ft Myers, or a more remote area off the beaten path, quality foundation work can be completed in any location through our solution.

Configurable Functionality

While the helical piers for foundation repair are most commonly installed vertically, their functionality is far more expansive. For example, an earth-retaining project may require horizontal support. These helical piles can be installed in any configuration that the project requires. While other types of foundation systems have limited functionality, our piles are an option for even the most challenging situation.

A Fast Installation Process

With many other types of foundation systems used for repair work and pre-construction projects, heavy cranes and other specialized equipment must be transported to the site and set up before the work can begin. Solutions that use concrete require ample time for the concrete to harden before the work can be completed. These are not the cases with our helical pier foundation solution. The parts are easy to move, and heavy equipment is not required. More than that, the system can be loaded as soon as it is installed in the soil properly.

Minimal Environmental Damage

Are you working on a repair project for an older home in Naples, Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando, or beyond? Disrupting existing landscaping is unfortunately required with some systems, but this is not the case with our foundation system. Do you need to protect sensitive environmental areas for a construction project? A helical piers system requires no soil cutting. Heavy-duty equipment will not be used, and ground vibrations are minimal at best. Because of their nominal impact on the environment, they are a preferred option when protecting the integrity of the surrounding landscape or infrastructure is essential.

Affordable Installation

The expense of a foundation repair or construction project is a crucial factor to consider. Other foundation systems that you may be considering for your project in Naples, Ft. Myers, Sarasota, or other Florida communities require the transportation and operation of cranes and other heavy machinery. They may also take more time to install, and this elevates labor costs associated with the installation or repair work. Because helical piers can be installed using less manpower and without the need for heavy equipment, the expense is often minimal compared to other options.

Minimal Maintenance Needs

Helical piers are manufactured using highly durable materials. Unlike concrete and other materials, the metal piers will not deteriorate or crack over time. They provide the long-lasting stability that the project calls for. While other types of foundation systems come with the time and expense of significant maintenance and repair projects in the future, this is not the case with our foundation system. Low maintenance means hassle-free functionality going forward.

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Are you still trying to decide if helical piers are suitable for your next Florida foundation project? Given the helical piers cost, affordability, and functionality of our foundation system compared to other options, this may be the right solution for your project. We want to help you make your decision with confidence, and we are available to answer all your questions. We can also help you to explore the affordability of our foundation system by providing you with a no-hassle quote for installation. To learn more about the system and to request a quote, contact our team today.