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Valencia Water Control District, Soil Stabilization

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Valencia Water Control District, Orlando, FL


Orlando, FL


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SOLUTION: Soil Stabilization

SERVICES: Permeation Grout


Improve soil strength and dam stability

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This case study details Helicon's successful application of permeation grouting to address soil erosion concerns at a water dam project for the Valencia Water District in Orlando, Florida.


The Valencia Water District identified a critical issue with soil erosion along the embankment of a water dam that originated from considerable washout from a storm in 2023. This erosion threatened the structural integrity of the dam, potentially compromising its ability to safely store water. The District required a solution to solidify the soils and ensure long-term stability of the dam structure.


Helicon deployed a targeted approach to address the soil erosion. Our team utilized a specialized technique called permeation grouting. This process involves injecting a grout material – a fluid that hardens upon curing – directly into the affected soil along the embankment. Prior to grouting, fill material was brought in to bring the affected area back up to its original grade. 

Helicon then implemented a permeation grouting strategy to solidify the surrounding soils. This involved:

  • Injection Depth: Grout was injected at a depth of 15 feet below the surface.
  • Injection Pattern: A double row of injection points was spaced every 18 inches to ensure thorough coverage.
  • Grout Quantity: Approximately one gallon of grout was injected per vertical foot of soil.

Dam Wall Base Stabilization: To address potential weaknesses beneath the dam wall, Helicon also injected grout at the base:

  • Injection Depth: Grouting extended 27 feet deep, starting 2 feet below the base of the wall and reaching 2 feet up from the bottom.
  • Purpose: This additional step aimed to seal any existing or potential future soil erosion issues under the dam structure.

Benefits of Permeation Grouting:

  • Solidification: The injected grout permeates the soil, filling voids and strengthening the overall structure. This effectively halts further erosion and stabilizes the embankment.
  • Minimally Invasive: Permeation grouting is a minimally invasive technique, minimizing disruption to the existing dam structure and surrounding environment.

Our team's expertise in permeation grouting ensured the project's success. We:

  • Conducted a thorough site assessment: This allowed for a precise evaluation of the extent of erosion and the development of a customized grouting plan.
  • Utilized specialized equipment: Helicon employed state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for safe and efficient permeation grouting applications.
  • Maintained strict quality control: Throughout the project, we adhered to rigorous quality control measures to ensure the effectiveness of the grouting and the long-term stability of the dam.

Through the successful application of permeation grouting, Helicon effectively solidified the eroding soils along the Valencia Water District's dam embankment. This restored the dam's structural integrity and ensured its continued safe and reliable operation.

This case study demonstrates Helicon's commitment to providing innovative and effective solutions for critical water infrastructure projects. Our expertise in permeation grouting offers a valuable tool for addressing soil erosion and ensuring the longevity of dams and other water containment structures.