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Mira Bay, Apollo Beach, FL Retaining Wall Repairs

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Mira Bay, Apollo Beach, FL 

retaining wall

Apollo Beach, FL

Stabilize Retaining Walls

Typically 13-15 Helical Piers utilized per project

Retaining Walls throughout Mira Bay development have been repaired

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Helicon has completed many retaining wall stabilization projects located throughout the Mira Bay development. Numerous retaining walls were failing and needed stabilization.


• Retaining walls were typically supporting a swimming pool and were located on the waterfront next to the development's seawall.


Install a retaining wall stabilization program consisting of helical piers around the perimeter of the retaining walls. With the many projects Helicon has performed in Mira Bay, typically 13-15 helical piers have been installed to stabilize the retaining walls throughout the development.

Helical piers were installed at selected locations along the exterior sides of the retaining walls located at the rear of the properties. Helical piers were drilled to depths ranging from 15 feet to 25 feet below ground surface. 

All operations were performed under the observation of the engineer of record. Efficient planning & coordination was key to overcoming the challenges & limitations. 

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helical piersgalvanized helical pier