Royal Arms

Underpinning: Royal Arms Condominiums, Altamonte Springs, FL

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Royal Arms Condominiums

Royal Arms

Altamonte Springs, FL

Foundation Stabilization Program

132 Pressure Piers Installed

Piers installed ranging from 20-78 ft deep

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The project is a residential condominium complex that was in need of foundation stabilization. The Geotechnical Engineer of Record recommended a solution of pressure pier underpinning to safely and permanently transfer the weight of the structure onto solid bedrock or load-bearing strata. 


• Soil conditions 

• Ground collapse 


Helicon worked alongside the geotechnical design team to develop an underpinning program designed to meet the building code load criteria. The underpinning system was installed to a competent bearing stratum as defined by the engineer. A total of 132 pressure piers were installed during the course of this repair. The piers were installed at depths ranging from 20 to 78 ft below the surface. Efficient planning & coordination was key to overcoming the challenges & limitations. Helicon collaborated with the Geotechnical Engineer of Record throughout the work and confirmed all recommended criteria were followed. 

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