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Underpinning and Poly Foam Foundation Lift: Lutz, FL

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Henry Fontanills Residence

Lutz, FL

CLIENT: Henry Fontanills

MARKET: Residential

SOLUTION: Foundation Repair

SERVICE: Underpinning and Poly Foam

Foundation repair for a two-story residential home

Underpins utilized in a simultaneous lift procedure resulted in an 8 inch foundation lift

13 grout injection points on the outside corner of building

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The project is a two-story, wood frame, residential home. The building has undergone subsidence in a corner of the foundation due to organic soil layer deterioration.


• Two different procedures (Underpinning and Poly Foam) were needed to be completed in order to repair foundation.
• An 8 inch foundation lift was needed to repair foundation.


Helicon developed an underpinning simultaneous lift procedure with poly foam lift as the remedy to the situation. The underpins were installed and hydraulically lifted the sunken foundation 8 inches. The poly foam injections were done after the underpinning to fill in any gaps beneath footer or above footer. This solution was designed to meet or exceed the design load criteria for the building. Efficient planning & coordination was key to overcoming the challenges & limitations. 140+/-pounds of polyurethane material were injected into a total of 13 chemical grout points on the exterior of the structure. The underpinning and poly foam injection work was completed on time and within budget.