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Polyurethane Chemical Grout: Concrete Slab Lift, St. Petersburg, FL

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Maximo Marina Project

Tampa, FL

Ground improvement for marina

2,451+ pounds of chemical grout injected

73 grout injection points

Project PDF


Maximo Marina is a marina located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The structure is comprised of a one-story commercial office building with amenities located on the water. The office building was experiencing settlement from soil erosion caused by the incoming and outgoing tide. The client’s interest was to quickly preserve and make the office building safe. Their long-term plan is to eventually build a new office building. Foundation repair and ground improvement utilizing one-part permeation and two-part poly foam chemical grout were specified to support the building loads and seal the exterior foundation.  


The project posed several challenges:
• Completing interior and exterior work while office staff and marina remained open.
• Tight confined workspaces inside the office building
• Setting up containment barriers to catch any chemical grout that may enter the water
• Environmentally friendly chemical grouting needed due to proximity to water


A chemical grout plan was designed to meet the design load criteria, fill voids and seal the exterior foundation of the building. Helicon’s chemical grout crew worked over a 3 day period to complete this project. Efficient planning & coordination was key to overcoming any challenges and limitations. 25 .±. gallons of one-part permeation grout injected into a total of thirty-five (35) grout points along the interior perimeter of the west end of the of the structure. A total of 2,451.3 .±. pounds of two-part chemical grout were injected into a total of thirty-eight (38) points in the interior of the west end of the structure. The project was finished on-time and within budget.