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Pre-Construction Helical Piers: Residential Pool, Port Richey, FL

In Residential Projects, Deep Foundations, Featured Projects, Helical Piers by John Topa

Lucas Lagoons Project

Port Richey, FL

CLIENT: Lucas Lagoons

MARKET: Residential

SOLUTION: Deep Foundation

SERVICE: Helical Piers

Deep foundation for a luxury residential pool

36 helical piers installed to support pool

Depths ranged from 12 ft to 59 ft below ground

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The project consisted of a deep foundation system for a luxury residential pool. Installation of thirty-six (36) helical piers consisting of helix diameters of 12-14-14-inch and 8-10-12-inch to support the foundation system of the proposed pool. Helical piers were used to alleviate the possibility of the pool "popping" due to hydrostatic pressure from the tide and storm surge. Galvanized helical piers were utilized to prevent corrosion from saltwater exposure. All galvanized helical piers were installed to competent cemented shell or limestone layers to depths ranging from 12 to 59 feet below ground surface.


The challenges encountered during helical pier installation were minimal
• Critical path construction schedule
• Limited space to operate machinery


All helical piers were installed to competent limestone layers with torque ranging from 799 to 4,510 ft-lbs. Based on the installation torque or spinning on competent cemented shell or limestone layers, all helical piers have satisfied and exceeded an allowable load bearing capacity of 13 kips and ultimate load bearing capacity of 26 kips. Work was successfully completed in just (5) days and finished on-time and within budget.