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Pre-Construction Helical Piers: Retail Mixed-Use Building, Naples, FL

In Commercial Projects, Deep Foundations, Helical Piers by John Topa

The Collective Project

Naples, FL

Deep foundation for 3-story commercial building with parking garage

Installation of 226 Galvanized Helical Piers

Helical piers drilled to an average depth of 25 ft

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The project consisted of a deep foundation system for a 3-story mixed use building with garage. Installation of two hundred and twenty six (226) galvanized helical piers to support the foundation system. Hard gray limestone rock was found from around 22 feet to around 34 feet below ground surface.


The challenges encountered during helical pier installation were minimal
• Critical path construction schedule


The foundation system for The Collective building was designed for a maximum net soil bearing pressure of 2,500 pounds per square foot (psf} for code dead and live loads plus any short duration loading for the continuous wall footings  Based on the installation torque or spinning on competent cemented shell or limestone layers, all helical piers have satisfied and exceeded an allowable load bearing capacity of 22 kips. Work finished on-time and within budget.

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