Helicon is proud to support Glenn in KidVestment

In Residential Blog Posts by John Topa

100% of what is raised on September 13 starting at 7:30 at Fodder & Shine will be impacting KidVestment through the support of Eckerd Kids and Friends of the Children who are working in partnership to offer a program that will impact the lives of our most vulnerable children, those in foster care.

This is a unique event as Helicon is inviting our team & families, industry friends, vendors, and alike to partake in a worthwhile event centered around a great cause for a wonderful reason.

The Friends of the Children model is dedicated to breaking the cycle of generational poverty for children at the highest risk. It focuses on the most vulnerable youth in our area, providing them a long-term paid professional mentor, or Friend, and support infrastructure to generate amazing results and transform lives. They commit to these children for 12.5 years – from kindergarten through high school – no matter what!

Helicon is a proud supporter of the program as President & Founder, Jay Silver sits on their board and believes heaviliy in his companies involvement to impact our youth here in the Tampa Bay community pledging over $10,000 per year to support a child.

This program allows kids like Glenn, with the support from his mentor, Justin Goldsmith the tools he needs to move to the fourth grade with confidence as our investment makes this progress possible.


Justin is working hard to improve Glenn’s reading and comprehension ability. He knows this is the next step in exponential progress for Glenn and for continued academic success.

Glenn was enrolled in a summer reading program in Tampa to enhance his comprehension and reading ease. Glenn excelled every day in his classroom exercises. We are so proud that Glenn finish in the top half of his reading class and completed every chapter book that his teacher gave him. Glenn read a book each week this summer to help increase his vocabulary and reading comprehension so that he would be better prepared for the upcoming school year.

Glenn also had a lot of fun during the summer break. He got to go to the Florida Aquarium as well as attend one of the Tampa Bay Ray’s Baseball Games. Glenn also had the opportunity to meet the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston during the open training camps. Glenn is excited about being promoted to the 4th grade and could not what for the school year to start so that he can tell his friends what he did over the summer.

Because of our investment, Glenn has thrived in the Eckerd Kids | Friends of the Children program. His confidence and self-esteem has vastly improved knowing that he has friends like you and his mentor Justin by his side. Glenn has made friends with positive peers and is making better choices in his life. He is a rising star in school and he is now thinking about his future and heading toward a path to success.