Helicon’s New Geotechnical Software Focuses on Ease of Use for Engineers

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Helicon’s New Geotechnical Software Focuses on Ease of Use for Engineers

The recently launched Helical Pier Load Calculator from TMG Manufacturing is a welcomed addition to the tools engineers can use to improve their geotech construction needs. Helical Piers are an excellent choice for stabilizing existing structures that have been damage due to settlement or to prevent future settlement. Their main function is to support and stabilize the load bearing walls. The weight of the structure is transferred off the weak soils and onto the Helical Piers but they require significant care in planning and material selection. Programs such as this Helical Pier Load Calculator provide that support.

This engineering software platform gives designers the ability to analyze a variety of faced systems. The platform is available via Helicon’s website and, the company adds, “will help designers to determine the optimal solutions for our respective clients” said Casey Messer, COO of Helicon.

The Helical Pier Load Calculator provides allowable load, size of pipes, factor of safety allowing engineers to quickly and easily modify design characteristics such reinforcement location to determine installation torque and allow load values. The tool produces results in real-time, ensuring accurate material quantity estimates for the load capacity of these piers.


The software integrates important industry design methodologies and convenience to provide for general information purposes. “The Helical Pier Load Calculator is just the latest example of Helicon’s commitment to developing innovative solutions that will advance the use of pre-construction helical piers in the current geotech construction ecosystem here in the state of Florida with the potential for expansion into new markets outside the state,” said Jay Silver, President of Helicon. Silver went on to say, “We are proud of this technology and the value it will bring to our partners in the design community.”

Helicon is the premier geotech construction company in Florida. Based out of Tampa, FL. we are a licensed general contractor leading the industry in full-service geotech construction work.

We are experts in pre-construction, soil and structural stabilization, & sinkhole repair. As the premier provider of geotech construction services throughout the state of Florida for nearly 15 years, Helicon prides itself on providing high-quality service, for both insurance companies and private customers with handling all repairs and pre-construction work for both residential and commercial projects. We strive to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Helicon has successfully completed thousands of projects in the state of Florida with a focus on the Tampa Bay metropolitan area, including the surrounding counties of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, Polk, Citrus and Marion counties. Our professional Helicon Team is trained and equipped with the tools and expertise needed to execute a flawless and professional experience using the latest technology to repair or prevent for your particular project.

We invest in our teams ensuring they remain up to date on the latest industry technology and training. Our Office Team will answer all your questions, provide professional service, give knowledgeable advice, and execute a project that will fully satisfy our customers.