Are You Postponing Your Sinkhole Repair?

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Are you Postponing Your Sinkhole Repair?

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Do you have confirmed sinkhole conditions on your property? If so, maybe you’ve delayed the repairs. Perhaps you’ve seen the disruption a sinkhole repair job can have on a neighbor’s life. Maybe you were told that you shouldn’t be all that worried. It’s not like your house is in any danger of a sudden collapse. Whatever your reason, just remember this — sinkhole conditions don’t disappear or miraculously correct themselves. Natural and manmade events can trigger and accelerate the formation of sinkholes. What could have been an easily corrected problem, at the time that sinkhole activity was found, can turn into a nightmare of damage and loss — overnight. As we head into the rainy season, you may want to reconsider your decision to delay repairs.

Sinkhole Season Begins…

Rain can cause sinkholes to form. The sudden rush of water from Spring and Summer storms makes the soils above ground so heavy that the limestone layer beneath our feet is unable to sustain the weight. Depending on the type of sinkhole, the collapse can be sudden or develop slowly. While engineers look for “imminent collapse,” when testing a property for sinkholes, if you’ve postponed a sinkhole repair to your home for more than a year, the rainy season should worry you. Sinkhole testing can tell a story at the time the tests are performed. Sinkhole conditions will continue to deteriorate and cause damage. The rate of collapse is accelerated by weather-related conditions like rain and drought. At some point — no one know exactly when — things could come crashing down. Being complacent could cost you dearly in the long run.

It’s not Just Rain — It’s People…

Spring’s torrential rains add to the instability of the ground. When that instability is matched with human activity — something as simple as the weight of a truck driving by — the incidences of sinkholes go up. Sinkholes are still in the news. Just recently, in Boca Raton, FL, a 20-ft. deep sinkhole, caused by rain and a water main break, threatened to take down a school bus. In New Jersey, a sinkhole opened up in a warehouse, swallowing a man and a forklift truck. In China, a sinkhole likely caused by construction work, killed five people. Engineers surmise that the incident in Seffner that killed Jeff Bush was caused by over-pumping of groundwater. People can and do contribute to the formation of sinkholes.

Why Risk More Damage to Your House?

The longer you wait to repair sinkhole conditions, the bigger your risk of damage to your foundation and to other parts of your home. You could also be putting your family at risk, unknowingly. The cracks in your floors, around doors, or windows may not indicate that your house is about to fall into a sinkhole, but you shouldn’t be lulled into a sense of false security either. Beneath the ground, unseen and silent, the sinkhole is quietly collapsing. If you call a sinkhole repair company now, you may have to wait as long as 60 days for repairs. Don’t wait any longer — find a reputable sinkhole repair company today! Protect your home — protect your family.

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