Your First Visit with a Sinkhole Repair Representative — An Interview with Casey Messer

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If you’re ready to start contacting sinkhole repair contractors, this blog post is for you. A few months ago, I wrote a post about the claims and testing process and what you should consider when selecting a contractor. After sinkhole conditions are confirmed on your property, your insurance company may give you a list of companies to call. In some cases, your insurance company may just tell you to look for a reputable contractor on your own. Regardless of what your insurance provider does, at some point, a sinkhole repair company representative will show up at your doorstep.

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I wanted to understand that first customer visit, so I interviewed Casey Messer, Chief Operational Officer, at Helicon to get a feel for how Helicon handles the first interaction with a potential customer. Below are some questions I asked Casey, and his answers:

How are homeowners feeling when you first come to talk to them?
In many cases, homeowners live in neighborhoods where sinkhole occurrence is common. Some homeowners will have their homes tested because a sinkhole was found on their neighbor’s property. Generally, homeowners are not afraid of sinkholes, even after the Seffner incident. They understand that what happened in Seffner is extremely rare.

What are homeowners most concerned about?
Most homeowners want to know that the cosmetic damage to their home will be fixed. They also want to make sure that there is enough money to cover the damage. Some homeowners are concerned that the sinkhole repair process could damage their landscaping. When we first speak to homeowners, we want to know what concerns them the most. We address those concerns immediately.

What kind of information do you share with homeowners?
One of our primary goals is to help homeowners understand their Engineering report. For example, we will tell homeowners how the sinkhole is damaging their home and what could happen in the future if the repairs are not done correctly. We tell them what type of sinkhole repair service the engineers have recommended and why. Our thorough review of the Engineering report with homeowners is one of the reasons why many of them go from prospects to customers.

Why do you think homeowners choose Helicon over the competition?
I think there are a number of reasons why homeowners select Helicon. Rather than “selling” homeowners on a service, we try to answer homeowners’ questions accurately and thoroughly. We are “straight talkers” and more than just sales people — we are the homeowner’s point of contact from beginning to end. We are true project managers who remain actively involved with the homeowner throughout the repair process.

With so many sinkhole repair companies, how do you differentiate yourself from the rest?
Sometimes a homeowner will say, “Well, I’ve talked to reps from three different companies. You all do the same thing. You all sound the same.” In those instances, I remind homeowners that it’s easy for sales reps to say, “My company is the best;” however, the most effective way to help homeowners understand how we are different is to take them to an active job site and allow them to see our repair crews at work. While at an active site, we show homeowners what it takes to repair sinkhole conditions effectively. Beyond that, potential customers are able to see the respect we have for the homeowner and his or her property. For example, all our crews wear uniforms. They arrive at the job site in Helicon-marked trucks, (not their own personal vehicles). We make sure that we protect the street and the landscaping as much as possible.

In Conclusion

Are you ready to pick up the phone and start calling sinkhole repair contractors? Do you want to listen to what Helicon’s customers have to say? Click here!

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