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Following the tragedy in Seffner, both the local Fox News station and The Rick Stroud & Tom Jones Show on local radio station 620 AM WDAE, turned to the experts at Helicon for information about sinkholes and sinkhole repair options.

Fox News reporters accompanied the Helicon crews as they performed repairs on a New Port Richey home, recently. The news report included film footage of sinkhole-related damage to the home, such as cracks in the foundation, cracks that had formed around the corners of windows, and cracks in the ceilings. Derek Fernandez, a Helicon lead crew member, reminded homeowners that a sinkhole in a neighbor’s home may mean that other houses nearby could be at risk. He said that people should be on the lookout for signs of sinkhole damage to their own homes when there is a sinkhole next door.

On The Rick Stroud & Tom Jones Show, Jay Silver, President of Helicon, spoke briefly about pre-site testing for residential construction using soil borings and mentioned pre-construction remediation options. Jay Silver also spoke about the difference between sinkhole-related damage that happens slowly over time, versus the much rarer incidences of sudden catastrophic damage triggered by cover collapsed sinkholes – such as the one that claimed a life in Seffner. Silver reminded listeners that, unless a sinkhole destroys their home to the point of making it uninhabitable, a Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse policy will not cover the damage. Homeowners must have a separate sinkhole loss policy to cover damage that is not considered “catastrophic.”

If you want to learn more about sinkholes and sinkhole repair options, the Helicon blog provides you with many informative posts.