The Importance of Setting Expectations

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When I explain to people what I do for a living, they usually look a little puzzled. Most people say, “I hope I never have to call you!” to which I reply, “Fingers crossed! I hope you never have to call either, but here, take my card just in case.”

At networking and social events, I usually find myself boring people — I mean “WOW”ing people — with my knowledge on sinkhole formation, sinkhole warning signs, sinkhole repair, etc. It is truly a fascinating subject, one that the average citizen is typically uninformed on. But really, why should they care?

Not all sinkholes make the news. When most people think of sinkhole damage, they think of the sensational stories in the news, stories of sinkholes that “eat” a house or a car. A recent example out of Leesburg, Florida, describes a commercial building being devoured by a sinkhole. You can see the story here. The majority of sinkholes and sinkhole related damages are subtle, insidious even — not newsworthy unless it’s happening to YOU!

At Helicon Foundation Repair, we take the time to explain the process as thoroughly as possible up front. The “what to expect” portion of our repair process is the most important part to our customers, because 99% of the time this will be the first and only sinkhole repair they have ever been involved with. We have fancy equipment as well, including a new drill rig that I will soon be devoting a blog to, but customer service is what people remember.

Set Expectations + Follow through = Happy Customers

Happy customers are our best referral source.