foundation repair kissimmee
foundation repair kissimmee

Foundation Repair Kissimmee, FL

Foundation Repair Company in Kissimmee, FL

You’re bound to have a lot on your plate as a homeowner. While many repairs and improvements are necessary, your Kissimmee, FL, home’s foundation should be a top priority. The foundation is what holds the house together today, which is why it must always be structurally sound. If there are uneven surfaces, cracks, or other issues, your home may be at risk. As a homeowner, you should not ignore foundation repairs because the damage will only worsen, costing you more money to repair. Helicon is one of the best local foundation repair companies you can rely on to repair any foundation damage to your home.

Using the best solutions in the industry, we can help you repair and protect your foundation indefinitely. Helicon provides dependable and long-lasting foundation repair services to clients. Our solutions will effectively repair foundation problems and protect your home.

Signs of Foundation Problems in Kissimmee

Foundation problems usually manifest themselves in the form of visible signs both inside and outside your Kissimmee home. Among these indicators are the following:

Bowing and Buckling Walls

The clay and soil around your house usually put a lot of strain on the foundation walls. Over time, moisture and precipitation can cause the dirt and soil beneath to shift and change. As a result, the foundation walls of your home may begin to bow and buckle. Expansive soil and hydrostatic pressure are the most common causes of bowing walls.

Wall Crack

Wall cracks are another sign that you need foundation repair. We understand how frightening wall cracks can be for homeowners. The high humidity and precipitation in Florida tend to cause foundation issues, resulting in cracks. Wall cracks are unavoidable when mixed with the sandy soil in Kissimmee, FL.

Helicon’s skilled technicians have been repairing foundation cracks in Kissimmee for many years. We will repair the cracks in your foundation using cutting-edge, customized solutions to ensure the stability and safety of your home.

foundation repair kissimmee

Foundation Sinking

The soil beneath your home is responsible for supporting the weight of your foundation. If it can’t provide support, you’ll have foundation sinking and house movement issues. If the underlying soil layers in your home fail to support the weight of your home, your foundation will sink into the ground.

Some of these issues can be difficult to distinguish and may be intertwined with others. Consultation with foundation repair experts like Helicon is the best way to detect problems. As your local repair experts, we invite you to contact us for a free inspection and estimate for foundation repair on your home.

Foundation Repair Kissimmee Solutions

Customized, long-lasting solutions to your home’s specific needs are required for effective foundation repair. Our solutions are efficient, adaptable, and long-term. Helical piers, underpinning, injection piers, soil stabilization, and structural stabilization are examples of foundation repair methods.

Helical Piers

If you’re having foundation settlement issues in your Kissimmee home, our helical pier solution could help. This foundation repair solution effectively stabilizes your foundation and restores it to its original position. These piers are made of steel and are mechanically advanced into the soil to prevent future settlement problems.

Unlike concrete repair, our helical piers are strong enough to raise your house and stabilize the foundation.


Loose soil is one of the causes of foundation movement. As a result, this solution includes the use of underpinning lifts. It raises houses by driving steel piers into solid bedrock. We can safely transfer the foundation’s weight load this way. This solution is also permanent, preventing future foundation problems.

Steel Jacks for Crawl Spaces

Uneven doors, floors, and windows that do not close properly can indicate a faulty crawl space foundation. Fortunately, our steel jacks can effectively level the crawl space foundation while also providing strong support. Our support jack system will raise and stabilize floors for many years.

Injection Piers

Injection piers are one of the most stable foundation repair methods in Kissimmee. This solution entails injecting a group solution into the ground using pins. This contributes to the stability of your home’s foundation.

Soil Stabilization

Improving the soil’s strength is critical to ensuring that the soil supporting your home’s foundation does not give way to bowing walls. Helicon ensures soil stabilization by incorporating chemicals and cementitious materials into the soil. Chemical and compaction grouting are the two most common soil stabilization techniques.

Why Choose Helicon for Foundation Repair?

It is critical to choose foundation repair professionals for your foundation repairs to ensure the longevity of your Kissimmee home. To resolve foundation issues and ensure its well-being and safety, we employ tried-and-true techniques. Here are some of the reasons why we are the best choice for foundation repair in Kissimmee.

Fast Response: At Helicon, we take pride in our quick response. We are always available to visit your home and ensure that any foundation issues are resolved quickly.

Trusted Evaluations: We are proud of the quality of your work and the dependability of our foundation repair services. We will never jeopardize our clients’ safety, whether they have minor cracks or require seawall repairs. You can rely on our free estimates following our evaluation and know that your home is in good hands.

Frequent Checkups: Foundation problems can manifest themselves in a variety of ways in your home. As a result, the Helicon team is trained and has extensive experience in detecting the smallest signs of foundation cracks with a single glance. We’ll let you know if you need concrete slabs or other effective foundation repair solutions in Kissimmee.

Hire the Best Foundation Repair Kissimmee FL

A good foundation is free of flaws and ensures your home’s stability. However, time and a variety of factors can erode the stability of your foundation. This is why having a reliable foundation repair company nearby is critical. A few cracks may not appear to be significant, but they can lead to extensive foundation damage in the future. Schedule a consultation with Helicon today to avoid significant financial losses.

Helicon offers the best foundation repair services in Kissimmee, FL. Our focus is on ensuring Helicon provides the best foundation repair in Kissimmee, FL. Our priority is to provide safe homes for local families by repairing foundation cracks and leaks and any damage caused by time to your foundation. Our experts use the most dependable techniques and tools to restore your property to its original condition. For a free estimate, please contact us today.