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Foundation Repair in Port Charlotte, Florida

When you need Port Charlotte foundation repair services, it is important to turn to the trusted pros who can identify and fix your issues quickly and affordably. Whether it is the weather, sinkhole activity nearby, or poor construction, foundation issues can become serious quickly. That is why choosing a foundation repair company at the first signs of trouble is critical.

Why Port Charlotte Foundation Repair Is Needed

Foundations are susceptible to changes in Port Charlotte, Florida, weather. Too much dry weather can cause the soil to become brittle and shrink, leaving your foundation unstable and without the necessary support. These issues can lead to your foundation settling or sinking. Large amounts of rain can mean water pools around your home, putting added pressure on your foundation. That pressure can lead to cracks in the slabs of your foundation.

When you see cracks appearing in a wall, floor, chimney, stair steps, drywall, column or concrete slab, noisy creaks in the home or building, or depressions in the yard, it’s time to call a professional Port Charlotte foundation repair company. Other signs of trouble include:

  • Doors and windows that stick or do not close properly
  • Chimneys that lean
  • Homes that lean
  • Neighboring homes or businesses also having foundation repair work done
  • Recent excavation work nearby

How Port Charlotte Foundation Repair Is Done

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There are many ways to complete foundation repairs. The most appropriate method hinges on the types of repairs necessary and the overall condition of your foundation. Here is a look at the most common methods of foundation repair work:


Underground steel piers driven into bedrock give your foundation the structural stabilization it needs when upper-level soil loosens. The steel piers provide a permanent and safe shift of weight-bearing to the new structures.

Helical Piers

When your foundation is damaged due to settling, helical piers are the right choice. The building’s weight on load-bearing walls is shifted from weaker soils onto the new piers. This repair solution often is used for shallower foundation shifting issues.

Injection Piers

This solution provides a high level of stability by injecting a grout solution into pins that are installed in the soils.

No matter the type of piers used for foundation repair, the intent is the same. The tools lift your foundation, level it, and provide long-lasting stability to your home or business. Given the soil composition in Port Charlotte, these techniques can ensure that your structures are fixed correctly and last for decades.

Polyurethane Grouting

Uses a unique mixture that is injected directly into the soil. It fills gaps in the soil and levels slabs and foundations. There are multiple mixture options available for use in polyurethane grouting. Selecting the right materials depends on various factors, including reaction time, curing time, expansion properties, viscosity, and interaction with water.

When using polyurethane grouting, holes are drilled into the affected area. A hand pump is used to inject the polyurethane grout at low pressure. The liquid becomes a foam after a few seconds and expands to move surrounding soils, fill gaps, or re-level a slab. By remaining a liquid for a few seconds, the polyurethane can permeate a wide area quickly before hardening and exerting force on affected materials.

While two-component mixtures are common, there is a single-component option that reacts with moisture present in the soil to form an organic resin. Polyurethane resin is a repair method used to seal cracks and joints, strengthen the subsoil, fill voids, and anchor retaining walls.

Polyurethane grouting has several advantages, including:

  • Very little change to the existing soil structure or volume
  • Little disruption to work sites
  • The ability to tunnel without excessive excavation
Permeation Grouting

Uses a low-pressure injection to strengthen weak or loose soils, sands, and gravels. It is also effective at repairing structural foundations. Materials can include microfine or ultrafine cement, sodium silicate, or other chemicals.

To begin, lances are installed at pre-defined distances within the construction area. Planning this area and the depths of the injection of grout is critical to ensure that the grouting achieves the desired cohesion. Once the volume of material is calculated, it is injected and bonds the particles tightly together. One of the most critical uses for permeation grounding is to create a barrier for groundwater flows. Hydraulic conductivity applications help to reduce the inflow or migration of gasses or liquids. It is a great repair technique for underpinning foundations, supporting excavation work, improving stand-up times, and stabilizing soils for tunneling work or to increase bearing capacity.

Among the key advantages of permeation grouting are:

  • Inexpensive application of repair materials
  • Efficient with a quick curing time
  • Little disruption to the worksite
  • Environmentally inert substances

The Impact of Port Charlotte Foundation Repair

The best way to ensure that any foundation repairs are detected and repaired is to contact a professional foundation repair contractor like Helicon. We understand the importance of keeping homes and businesses safe and protected.

Our professional staff will inspect the interior and exterior of your building, looking for telltale signs of foundation damage. Our staff of technicians all complete a rigorous, detailed training program. We use multiple innovative foundation repair methods and products and are a true one-stop-shop for residential foundation repairs and commercial foundation repairs and soil stabilization. We know that your property matters for your business or home, too. That is why we take special care to minimize the amount of invasive work needed to complete your foundation repair work, keeping your landscaping intact.

Helicon offers a range of other services to help with your residential and commercial construction and repair needs.

Our residential services include:
  • Foundation Repair
  • Sinkhole Repair
  • Concrete Repair
  • Seawall Repair
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Pre-Construction Preparation
Our commercial services include:
  • Foundation Repair
  • Earth Retention and Shoring
  • Ground Improvement
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Deep Foundation Installation

Helicon is your expert in Port Charlotte foundation repair services. To learn more, contact us today.