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Foundation Repair Miami

Are you noticing some cracks in the foundation of your Miami, Florida home? It’s not unusual for FL homeowners to deal with these issues. Weather, erosion, and rainfall affect soil cohesion and, therefore, the possibility of changing pressures. We routinely work with residents of the Miami-Dade County area who worry about their houses.

Three Signs and Symptoms That You Need a Foundation Inspection

Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton residents frequently ask about signs that there could be a foundation problem. For this reason, we have developed a three-point checklist.

Uneven floors. Do you feel like your floors are slightly off? Maybe you occasionally trip for no reason. We recommend placing a marble in an area that you think is not entirely flat. If the marble moves, there is a chance that your foundation has moved, too.

Sticking doors. When you first installed the doors, they worked just fine. Now, you find yourself sanding certain spots because one or more doors have begun to stick. The situation is gradually worsening. You may avoid particular doors for this reason.

Cracks along the walls. Look near the baseboards. Many Miami area homes with foundation problems have cracks near this area. Another place to check is where the ceilings and wall connect. Occasionally, you will notice what looks like hairline fractures in these locations. They are indicative of possible foundation movement.

Of course, there are also other telltale signs that you could benefit from one of our Miami foundation inspections. For example, look for signs of movement around the chimney and any columns that you have installed as part of the interior or exterior.

How Climate Affects Your Foundation

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Palm Beach County residents are all too familiar with the high temperatures and humidity levels that lead to insect infestations. However, the rain that gives rise to the humidity does more than affect insect life. Rain leads to puddles that collect in the lowest spots around your home. When you have done some gardening and failed to maintain a proper grade to guide water away from the foundation, it may puddle close to it.

This leads to hydrostatic pressure, which can affect the foundation at one spot. In some cases, it affects it from multiple directions at once. In the process, there’s the creation of voids underneath the home’s foundation. The voids then become weak spots. Your slab or foundation has nothing that it can rest on securely. As a result, it begins to crack.

Of course, the opposite is also the case. The long dry spells that Broward County residents have come to fear also affect the integrity of the foundation. The soil around the home’s slab or foundation shrinks. Watering alone is insufficient to maintain the ideal conditions for foundational support. With the earth giving way, the foundation settles. It sinks lower into the ground. However, it does so unevenly, which generates the cracks and hairline fractures you see inside the home.

Adapting Miami Foundation Repair Techniques to Suit Your Need

One size never fits all when it comes to repairing your unique slab or foundation. For this reason, our technicians first evaluate your situation in its entirety. The goal is to find a solution that works for the long term and is the least invasive. Therefore, it is also the most budget-friendly. Examples might include resistance, helical, steel push, or slab piers, wall anchors, or cement grouting.

Are You Worried about Sinkhole Formation on Your Miami Area Property?

Another worrisome development for Miami homeowners is the sinkhole. Just as California is known for its earthquakes, Florida has a reputation for sinkholes. These problems happen quickly, and you may have little to no inkling that you are sitting on a ticking time bomb.

Blame it on the porous limestone that is part of the local soil makeup. When groundwater erodes limestone bedrock, the weight of structures and even just trees can cause a collapse of the upper soil layers. The resulting hole can be tiny or sufficiently large to threaten your home and other structures.

It’s interesting to note that a sinkhole may be developing as we speak. However, it has not yet reached the surface. You can recognize its signs.

Sagging fence portions. Look for areas around your property that are suddenly no longer standing up straight. The easiest to spot are fences. However, you might also notice that trees are suddenly slanted or threatening to fall over. This is not always due to root rot but can also be due to sinkhole formation.

Foundation problems. Miami sinkholes and foundation problems can go hand in hand. If you suddenly have a difficult time opening windows, notice hairline cracks around the foundation, or might feel that the floor is no longer level, it is time to call out the experts. Rather than dealing with a foundation problem, you might be looking at sinkhole activity on or near your property.

Water puddles. Puddles forming in the yard don’t have to alarm you. That said, they could be signs that there is sinkhole activity.

An Inspection Offers Peace of Mind and Solutions Where They’re Needed

We gladly offer Miami sinkhole inspections along with our foundation services. Most of the time, we can provide the homeowner with peace of mind. On the few occasions that there is a problem, we can prevent from having it become a catastrophic one.

For example, infusing a dense cement mixture into the problem area can stabilize the soil sufficiently to end any shifting that you are currently experiencing. In the process, we also help with shoring up the foundation to prevent any damage to the structure. If there are voids that formed underneath your foundation, we can fill them to prevent further movement.

Don’t leave your structure’s safety to chance. Our team welcomes the opportunity to visit your location and inspect the foundation for any problems. Besides that, we can offer you input about ways that you can handle any situations efficiently and with the least amount of interruption to your daily life. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.