Foundation Repair

Helicon's foundation repair team will work with you to restore your foundation with our proven methods of reconstruction and repair.


Foundation Repair Methods

Structural Stabilization


Underpinning rests your property’s foundation on underground steel piers. These steel piers safely and permanently transfer the weight of a structure onto solid bedrock or load-bearing strata. In some cases, Helical Pier installation is used for shallower stabilization of load bearing walls. For additional stabilization, Injection Piers combine Compaction Grouting and Underpinning Foundation methods for the most stable foundation repair.

Helical Pier installation is ideal for stabilizing existing structures that have been damaged due to settlement. The weight of a structure's load bearing walls is transferred off the weak soils and onto the helical piers.

Sometimes foundations shift because the upper level soil is loose. Underpinning lifts and re-levels homes by driving steel piers into solid bedrock, safely and permanently transferring the foundation's weight load.

Injection piers are one of the most stable methods of foundation repair, injecting a grout solution, through pins, into the ground to create a stable foundation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are signs of possible foundation problems? 

Stair step cracks, windows and doors are hard to open/close, depressions in the yard, cracks in the slab, creaking noises throughout building.

Will my landscape be damaged?

Your property is important to you, which is why it’s important to us. During repairs, we take extra steps to be minimally invasive, leaving your landscaping intact.


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