Sinkhole Lesson from the Dead Sea

In Residential Blog Posts by John Topa

When we think of the Dead Sea it may conjure images of summer bathers splashing in water whose salt density is so high that they float without any effort. However, the Dead Sea, which is really an inland lake, has become a dangerous place to visit. Sinkholes that started to form in the 1980s have now reached a fever pitch. New sinkholes appear every day, making the land around the lake look more like a lunar landscape.

Salt rock, like limestone here in Florida, is easily dissolved by water. The 3,000 sinkholes that have formed around the Dead Sea may initially seem like they are a natural phenomenon. Unfortunately, the mismanagement of water sources by people is the primary reason why deadly catastrophic collapse sinkholes are forming so quickly.

The building of dams, pipelines, and storage reservoirs has caused the water levels of the Dead Sea to drop dramatically leaving behind large areas of salt rock along the shore. When water rushes down nearby mountains in the Spring, it quickly erodes the salt layers and sinkholes form. People who live near the Dead Sea have reason to be afraid. If the pattern continues, their communities will soon be at serious risk.

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