Pasco County Residents Believe Having a Sinkhole is Just a Matter of Time

In Residential Blog Posts by John Topa

This past weekend, Helicon visited the Pasco Home Show held at the New Port Richey Aquatic Center February 26th and 27th, 2011.

Among the exhibits, Helicon’s booth was well received. For one, it is a nice looking display, and for another, we happened to be giving away some pretty nice swag.

When the visitors were asked about whether they had a SINKHOLE, the most common answer was “NOT YET”. In both Pasco and Hernando counties, sinkholes are an unfortunate reality, and the potential for sinkhole activity on or around your home is a fact of life. I was amazed at the number of personal accounts of sinkhole activity that our visitors had to share. Being fairly new to the industry myself, I find the phenomenon quite compelling. In future blog posts I will discuss “Why Sinkholes Happen” as well as the various remediation methods used by Helicon Foundation Repair to repair foundation issues.

rich helicon

Here, Rich, a project specialist, discusses the remediation process with Pasco County residents. Knowing what to expect can help give homeowners much-needed peace of mind. Helicon’s specialists are happy to walk them through the process from the first signs of sinkhole activity at no charge.