Vibro Stone Columns 

(Vibro Replacement)

Vibro Stone Columns

Helicon's vibro stone columns (or vibro-replacement) are a ground improvement technique particularly suitable to increase the density of granular soils and reinforce cohesive soils.

Making sure the ground can support a structure is a team effort that requires equal parts communication and expertise among all parties involved. Helicon has completed ground improvement solutions at hundreds of sites in Florida, building trusted relationships and a bank of knowledge unrivaled in the industry.

Installing vibro stone column often times dramatically strengthens weak soils at a lower cost than either building deep foundations or replacing weak soils with engineered fill.  We provide the most cost-effective and technically appropriate solution for your project’s needs. 

Advantages of Vibro Stone Columns

  • Loose sand and silt sites with high ground water.
  • Liquefiable and loose sand sites with seismic settlement.
  • Sites that require gravel drains.
  • Sites where vibratory ground improvement will be effective.
  • Contaminated sites.
  • Fill sites with high ground water.

Vibro Stone Columns Common Uses

  • Increase bearing capacity
  • Decrease settlement
  • Mitigate liquefaction

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