Vibro Sand Columns

(Vibro Compaction)

Vibro Sand Columns

Helicon's vibro sand columns (vibro compaction) solution uses vibration to compact weak soils. A vibrator hung from a crane is used to dig into the ground, often with the help of high pressured water jets.

Our commercial geotech construction team will know if this is the best method to densify your soil. Vibro compaction is mostly used on grainy or loose soils that tend to be more difficult to build on. A high-powered vibrating machine is rigged to a crane and lowered into the earth. The vibrations and water jets allow the machine to move easier.  

Once the predetermined depth is reached, sand infill or another material is added in piles on the surface. The machine’s vibrations move the infill down into the ground in various increments so the soil below can be compacted properly. The machine then moves up in lifts, and this process is repeated until the soil below has been treated.

We ensure that the soil is compacted both above and below the water table.

At Helicon, we provide the most cost-effective and technically appropriate solution for your project’s needs. 


Advantages of Vibro Sand Columns

  • Great for shallow foundations
  • Increases compaction and density
  • Reduces saturation

Vibro Sand Column Common Uses

  • Increase bearing capacity
  • Decrease settlement
  • Mitigate liquefaction

Download Vibro Sand Column (Vibro Compaction) Brochure