Tie Back System

Helicon’sHelical Tieback Anchors are anchoring systems used to horizontally reinforce and stabilize permanent and temporary structures subjected to lateral loads from earth and water. Helical tieback anchors are used in conjunction with a variety of earth retaining systems such as sheet piles and soldier piles in order to provide additional lateral resistance beyond what is achievable by a cantilevered wall.

Proven on hundreds of applications, these cost-effective tiebacks can be tested immediately, eliminating the need to wait for the concrete to cure. As a result, money is saved and project schedules are significantly reduced.

Tie Back System Advantages:

  • Predictable capacity
  • No excavation required on the high-grade side of foundation or retaining walls.
  • Installs with either handheld or small equipment in areas of limited or tight access
  • Load test can be conducted immediately after installation
  • Generates no spoils
  • Clean installation – no messy grout
  • All-weather installation