storm damage restoration

Storm Damage Restoration

In times of chaos, Helicon is able to bring a sense of security to their clients, because they know they have a trusted partner to guide them through the recovery.




A severe storm can leave you with all kinds of property damage, including the need for roof repair or tree removal. Helicon is available 24/7, so if a big storm hits your area, we are ready to get your property back to normal fast.


Our teams are able to evaluate the property and they truly understand the intricacies of working with the insurance agencies during the storm restoration process.


Our objective is to return your life or business back to normal with the least inconvenience possible. We will address your storm damage while protecting the rest of your unaffected property.


Our highly trained storm damage restoration team can assist in debris removal, property securement and temporary repairs to minimize the risk of secondary damages. Our team then begins the emergency services necessary to remove water and affected materials from property and set the stage for repairs to begin.


You’ll never have to deal with multiple contractors when you work with us. Our team builds back your property with the best quality materials and equipment available.

Storm Damage Restoration

After suffering catastrophic storm damage, recovery can feel overwhelming. With Helicon, your dedicated Project Manager will be available to answer questions and provide you with a team to help restore your property to pre-loss conditions quickly.

We are available to board up your property, remove water, mitigate damages and repair your property from storm damage.


When your property suffers storm damage, the immediate need is to secure it from further damage. We can provide temporary fencing to secure the site, board up doors and windows, and tarp the roof to prevent further water damage.

Our highly trained water mitigation experts utilize moisture meters, hygrometers and thermal imaging cameras to detect moisture throughout your property to ensure no water is missed.

When your property suffers storm damage or broken pipe, we utilize both truck mounted & portable equipment to remove standing water from the property. Once this is complete, we then set up state-of-the-art equipment to create ideal drying conditions so that building materials are dried efficiently to avoid risk of secondary damages.

After a storm, power can be out indefinitely. Helicon is prepared to provide temporary power to properties along with climate control systems to ensure property is operational and prevent exposure of secondary damages.


Our storm damage restoration team is able to quickly repair any surface storm damage to your property, including drywall installation, painting, carpeting and more.

Your dedicated Helicon Project Manager will manage all storm damage restoration repairs, preventing you from dealing with multiple contractors.

Storm Reconstruction

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have storm damage?
There are many answers to this question. If you know you have had a severe storm in your area, and/or you see your neighbors getting work done to their home, it is a good possibility you could have damage as well.

How do I file a storm damage claim?
If you experience storm damage, or if any of your neighbors have discovered damage, it is recommended that you have your property inspected and file a claim as soon as you can after a storm hits. If you wait too long, the chances of getting a settlement from your storm damage claim lessens.

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