What is a Pre-Costruction Drill-In Pier?

A Pre-Construction pier is a type of structural pier, which is installed below the structure before it is built. The pier is tied into the footer of the structure to keep the structure from moving due to weak or compromised soils. Normally this consists of a type of multi-lead helical pier that is driven with precision, deep into the ground until it rests soundly upon the underlying load-bearing strata.

The helical piers are embedded within the foundation via a custom footer bracket. When the building contractor places the concrete foundation, the bracket is essentially embedded into the footer by twisting the rebar into the top bracket thus making the Pre-Construction piers an essential part of the foundation once the concrete has cured.

More and more architects, engineers, and construction professionals are paying closer attention to the potential of soil issues such as buried debris, clay, muck, and sinkhole damage. These professionals are taking precautionary measures to prevent the problem before damage begins. By installing a deep foundation system prior to building, you can ensure the structure will rest on a solid base for years to come.

Pre-Construction piers are easy to install, only taking 2-3 days to drive and weld a whole house. They are also cost effective when compared to other retrofitted soil improvement systems and all Pre-Construction piers come with Helicon Lifetime Warranty on workmanship, completely protecting you with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, and you could easily save thousands of dollars in sinkhole coverage premiums by using Helicon for your restoration project.

Pre-construction piers provide stabilization for the foundation of a structure and prevent the downward settlement of buildings in areas prone to sinkholes or with unstable soil conditions, such as muck, clay, and buried organics.

Simply put, pre-construction piers are helical piers that are designed to be installed with precision, until they are secured deep in the ground, protecting your home.

How do Pre-Construction Piers Work?

Pre-construction helical piers are installed prior to pouring footings as specified by the engineer’s installation design. (These are the same piers that have long been used to stabilize, and often lift the foundations of existing homes that have settled.)

Rugged steel tube sections are hydraulically driven until they reach the depths of competent load-bearing soil strata or bedrock. The top of the pier is then cut to the footing elevation and a footing bracket or plate cap is welded to it. Rebar is added and the footing is poured, making the pier and bracket assembly integral to the foundation.

Your foundation rests upon these piers, not potentially unstable soils closer to the surface. This precaution ensures that your new home will not settle due to weak soil conditions or sinkhole activity.