Mold Remediation

With Helicon, you don't just get expert mold removal, you gain peace of mind that all moisture has been removed from your property, preventing further damage.




Undetected leaks or untreated water damage can quickly lead to mold growth, which can create an unsafe working or living environment. Once inside your walls, mold will continue to colonize and cause secondary damage if not addressed promptly.


We assign every client a dedicated Project Manager to answer any questions, assist with insurance claims, and get you the best possible outcome during this stressful time. Our team will quickly address the moisture source, and recommend an efficient plan for proper mold remediation.


Our objective is to return your life or business back to normal with the least inconvenience possible. We will address your mold damage while protecting the rest of your unaffected property.


Our highly trained mold removal team removes spores and damage thoroughly, and then builds back your property with the best quality materials and equipment available. Our sensitive equipment detects hidden areas of moisture and remediates all microbial growth to prevent the return of mold.


You’ll never have to deal with multiple contractors when you work with us. Our team builds back your property with the best quality materials and equipment available.

Mold Remediation

Under the direction of your Helicon Project Manager, our team will conduct a mold inspection and assess the results.  We will quickly address the moisture source, and recommend an efficient plan for proper mold remediation.


Our highly trained water remediation experts utilize moisture meters, hygrometers and thermal imaging cameras to detect moisture throughout your property to ensure no water is missed.

Utilizing the state of the art equipment we can quickly dry a water damaged property to help mitigate the spread of mold. Helicon will also deodorize property to eliminate musty odors caused by mold.

Heat combined with high humidity is the ideal environment for mold to grow. If you contact us immediately, our team will work quickly to dry your property and prevent further mold damage. However, ignored water damage or slow leaks can cause mold contamination. If this occurs, we're ready to return your property to a safe, healthy environment.

When your property suffers water damage or a broken pipe, we utilize both truck mounted & portable equipment to remove standing water from the property. Once this is complete, our mold remediation cleanup team sets up state-of-the-art equipment to create ideal drying conditions so that building materials are dried efficiently to avoid risk of secondary damages.


With Helicon, there is no need for multiple contractors should extensive mold remediation be needed.  Our team will take care of all the details and can make any repairs to return your property to new once the mold removal process is complete.

Florida requires contractors to have a state mold remediation license which entails multiple hours of education and rigorous training.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if I have mold damage?
Mold can be found anywhere, indoors and outdoors.  Generally, it is found in damp areas, such as the basement or bathroom, and can be green, black, brown, orange, or purple in color.  Mold has a musty, earthy smell that can indicate its presence even if it cannot be seen.

Will cleaning moldy areas stop its growth?
Cleaning is an important step when attempting to eliminate mold, however cleaning alone will not stop mold growth. To stop mold growth, the moisture source that promotes the growth must be removed.

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