Frequently Asked Questions: Sinkhole Repair

Does Helicon provide a warranty?
We are proud to offer an industry leading firm foundation warranty on all sinkhole services. 

How do I choose a contractor?
In person interviews with a project manager from the companies you are considering for the repair will allow you to get your most important questions answered and will help you make an educated decision. 

Which repair method is better, underpinning or grouting?
Both are excellent repairs, but they accomplish stabilization in two different ways. Compaction grouting is a geological remedy while underpinning is a structural remedy.  Please refer to our underpinning and grouting pages for detailed information on each service or call to speak to a project manager. 

If I do have a sinkhole, how will I determine the best way to repair it? 
As part of the investigation by the geotechnical engineer, a repair recommendation will be included if sinkhole activity is found.

What are signs of a possible sinkhole? 
Stair step cracks, windows and doors are hard to open/close, depressions in the yard, cracks in the slab, creaking noises throughout building.

How do I know if I have a sinkhole? 
The only sure way to know you have a sinkhole is to consult with a professional engineer. Feel free to contact us to point you in the right direction.